Menya Sandaime, Melbourne

So I’ve heard that there is a ramen place which is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This sounded amazing! This means if I get hungry at 2AM, I can just head down and have ramen instead of the ol’ kebab or maccas. I dragged my friend here at 3PM on a Sunday arvo since I figured who’ll be eating at this time. The sign of the restaurant is in japanese and there’s no english at all except for the menus in the window.

Well there was a line as usual and all you have to do is go in, put your name down and wait in the little corridor till your name gets called out. We got a table within 5 mins and we were seated and given a tub of menus (yep came in a tub which was different…). Be warned though, the menu is stuck at the bottom so don’t try to rip it out like what my friend did…haha. I got myself the ramen which was the original ramen. When it came out, the bowl was HUGE! It came with two large pieces of grilled pork belly which was so tasty and grilled perfectly and heaps of leeks which I shoved it onto my friend’s bowl (yes, I’m a child like that). The soup was amazing. It wasn’t salty, very nicely balanced and wasn’t sickening at all. Love it!

Ramen – $11.80

My friend got the black ramen which was a blend of the Tonkotsu and shellfish soup and trust me when I say that this was YUMMOOOO and full of flavour!! She made a good choice (I glared at her throughout lunch) but luckily she was into sharing too (woooohoooo). We also figured out if you come here alone at night and get seated at the bar/stool area in front of the kitchen, there’s powerpoints there for you to charge your phone (who needs friends when you have the phone charger?) and a shelf at the bottom to place your bag into. The staff were polite although we wanted to change tables and was confused why we couldn’t sit at the end since all the tables were moveable (oh wells) and the food was DELISH and CHEAP! I would definitely come back, maybe it’ll be 3AM on a drunken night. Good job on the opening hours guys!

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225 Russell Street, CBD, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Tel: 0451 770 107

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