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Healthy eating has been creeping up slowly and slowly on my preference when looking for food. Spiral Beans in Preston has ticked that box and has been opened since November 2016 (only a month or so) and is the new and improved version of Disco Beans. Spiral Beans offers whole food in their most natural state limiting the processed and refined elements. Spiral Beans offers contemporary cooking methods with traditional Japanese flavours.

As you step inside, you’re surrounded by a minimalist setting (this is my jam yo!) where everything is laid out so simple and there just isn’t clutter everywhere.

There’s artwork along the walls that are for sale so take a looksie and something may tickle your fancy.

We sat down and I absolutely loved the plate setting, so simple yet elegant.

Mrs Creative and I decided to get a few drinkies to start with – Yuzu Sake (Left) and Ume Shou (Right). I absolutely LOVED the Yuzu Sake because I’m a huge fan of Yuzu. It’s so refreshing and if you don’t like the alcohol taste, do not fear because you can’t taste much of it in this. Totes AMAZEBALL. The Ume Shou was a bit more tart and it wasn’t to my liking, however, Mrs Creative quite enjoyed it.

Ume No Yado Yuzu Shu (Nara) – $9; Choya Ume Shu – $9

Since we couldn’t decide what to get, the lovely Yuka did a ‘surprise me’ which showcased Spiral Beans signature dishes. First up was the Five Elements where all your senses salty/sweet/umami/sour/bitter/pungent are activated by each dish. This was sensational. I’m not a fan of tofu but I absolutely loved the flavouring with it. Definitely a recommended dish if you want to experience what Spiral Beans has to offer.

Five Element Set Meal Plate – $19.50

I’m a super duper in love with all dumplings and was so excited when home made gyoza was placed in front of us. The skins were infused with either matcha or beetroot which gave them a lovely colour. The filling was amazing but the skins were a touch on the thick side and broke apart quite stiffly which may be due to the dish being vegan and using vegan friendly ingredients.

Home-made Gyoza (vegan) – $12
filled with chunky vegetables in home-made skins infused with beetroot and matcha

Mrs Creative is a fan of anything fried and when she heard that veggies tempura was coming out, her eyes lit up like it was Christmas. I on the other hand, tend to stay away from tempura since my tummy doesn’t sit too well with fried dishes. Spiral Beans tempura was not overly fried, had a light batter and had a more healthy feeling compared to other tempuras which I’ve had before. They also came with matcha salt (yes! these were amazeballs) and home made sauce. Great dish to eat with your friends while you gossip.

Seasonal Veggies Tempura (vegan / gluten free) – $16.50
tempura using gluten free flower

Our last savoury dish for the night was the Disco Bean’s favourite, okonomiyaki. This was GINORMOUS and very flavoursome. Their home made okonomiyaki sauce was slightly sweet and thick but it complements the dish so well. I found that it needed a touch more salt, hence I used the matcha salt to dip it in and it was perfect.

Okonomiyaki – $19.50
Savoury batter is mixed with green onion, carrot, potato topped with home-made sweet okonomiyaki sauce and vegan mayo delicious served with teppan

Finally, we had dessert except I had forgotten what it was called. However, it was coconut based and more solid than a pudding but it was absolutely gorgeous. The texture was smooth and a bit dense but the flavour was spot on. Mrs Creative and I polished it off even though we were bursting at our seams from dinner.

Finally, we were surprised with their hello kitty biscuit. It was so cutie patootie and I just couldn’t take a bite out of it.

Spiral Beans is a great place which offers vegan friendly and gluten free dishes whilst keeping your inner-self healthy and happy. The staff are friendly and warm and the food was spot on. I’ll definitely be coming back with Mr D and re-ordering the Five Elements again. Spiral Beans, you’ve spiraled into my life and won’t be disco-ing out of it.

Disclaimer: I was honoured to be invited to dine by Spiral Beans and all opinions expressed are my own.
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539 Plenty Road, Preston, VIC 3072
Tel: (03) 9478 1461
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