Railway Hotel, South Melbourne


I received a voucher from Zomato to use at Railway Hotel in South Melbourne and I was excited to go since pubs always have great vibes and I decided to take along the babies. We walked through the front door and found a bar and couldn’t see the dining area at all, so we walked outside to see if there were any other doors. Luckily, one of the staff ran out and called us back in and told us the dining area was around the back (how did he even know?? must be PSYCHIC!). It was quite roomy and had a relaxed feel to it. They even had a fireplace and an awesome outdoors area which was currently being reserved for a wedding dinner.


After looking through the menu, we decided to get dishes to share since I LOVE trying everything but never being able to actually finish anything (hohoho). We got the spicy beef meatball to share and it came with fried garlic bread. So when we tried the meatball, it was SPICY even though it was stated in the menu. For some reason I didn’t realise how spicy it would be and hold on to your hats because they give a HUGE punch of spiciness. The garlic bread though, that was the more standout part of the dish and it was FANTABULOUS!!!

Spicy Beef Meatball – $13

Now, the mains were up. We had to get the BBQ brisket because it was a signature dish. The brisket was AMAZEBALL and it came with sweet potato fries and slaw. The sweet potato fries were DIVINE but the slaw didn’t really tickle my fancy. Totally a must have dish here if you come by. We also got creamy mash on the side because I LOVE MASH and this too didn’t disappoint. Shame on baby A for finishing it and not letting anyone know (looking at you yo!). I did find the sauce to be a bit overpowering with BBQ taste so don’t slather the brisket in it.

BBQ Brisket – $29; Creamy Mash – $6

We also got the parma because “you can’t come to a pub and not order a parma” according to baby A which was true enough. I found this dish to be pretty average, the chicken schnitzel was a bit dry but the chippies were AWESOME!!! I couldn’t stop having those chippies even though my belly was about to burst open from all the food!

Chicken Parma – $23

Now, the important part of any meal…DESSERT TIME! Our dessert stomachs took over our savoury ones and we had to cull one dessert and only pick three (we wanted 4 desserts!). Since it was a Monday, all desserts were $5!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!! I got the vanilla panna cotta and I thought it was pretty delish. It came with berries but vanilla ice cream but they were pretty average….

Panna Cotta – $5

J-baby got the chocolate mousse with coconut sprinkles. We were disappointed in this dish because it was very grainy but we tried to finish it off anyway (go team!).

Chocolate Mousse – $5

J-baby and I convince baby A to get the lime and orange cheese cake which came with vanilla ice cream and melted chocolate. This was our fav dish! The cheese cake was a bit thick but it was GOD DAMN GOOD!

Lime & Orange Cheesecake – $5

The staff were super friendly and attentive (when I say attentive, they were super duper attentive) and made us feel very welcomed and ensured everything was okay. The food was pretty good for the price and if you come on a monday all pasta’s were $10 (Bargain!! WOOHOO!). I’d come back here for the great atmosphere and staff. When we left the venue, the staff ran out of the eatery and yelled out “THANK YOU” and we were already across the road. Nothing beats that personal service! Thanks guys (from across the street)!

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280 Ferrars Road, South Melbourne, VIC 3205
Tel: (03) 9690 5092
Website: www.railwaypub.com.au

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