West End Market Hotel, Sunshine North

It was Mr Hipster’s birthday (well it was the day before) and we decided to have lunch next door at the pub because, well, because pubs are Mr Hipster’s second home. Miss Mousey made a call to West End Market Hotel and pre-ordered our meals so by the time we got there, our food would be ready. Lunchtime came around and we made our way to West End for some pub grub.

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Railway Hotel, South Melbourne


I received a voucher from Zomato to use at Railway Hotel in South Melbourne and I was excited to go since pubs always have great vibes and I decided to take along the babies. We walked through the front door and found a bar and couldn’t see the dining area at all, so we walked outside to see if there were any other doors. Luckily, one of the staff ran out and called us back in and told us the dining area was around the back (how did he even know?? must be PSYCHIC!). It was quite roomy and had a relaxed feel to it. They even had a fireplace and an awesome outdoors area which was currently being reserved for a wedding dinner.

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The Food Gallery, Daylesford

I came here for lunch since it was Mr D’s lunch choice today. He was craving chips an so this menu caught his eyes. We walked in and was seated immediately (we thought we wouldn’t even be able to get seats) and was handed the menu. I ordered a Chai Latte and Mr D got a latte and he really liked his coffee, they use 100% Arabia beans (said so on the signage).

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