ITALY: Il Nido Del Pettirosso, Roma


It was our last night in Rome which meant our last night of our amazing European holiday and I was getting a little sad with the quality of food I was encountering. Mr D and I both agreed that we’re going to go away from the main roads and straight into the alley ways (recommend going into alleyway with another person…not alone haha). After what seemed like HOURS of walking, we stumbled across this quaint and adorable place where the signage was of a robin in a tux (HOW ADORABLE IS THAT?) and they only had an italian menu. This place gave me a good feeling so in we went.Inside there were only approximately 8 tables and the owner sat down with and explained the whole menu to us in English (how LOVELY is that?). There were two set menus which is a 4 course meal and the price depends on if you’d like matching wine (Hells YEAH!). The owner explained the WHOLE menu and said if the set menu wasn’t in our budget, we could get something from the A La Carte and this isn’t the sort of places that will expect you to spend a certain amount (loving this place already!! *swoons*).

Mr D and I did the set menu and I of course did matching wines. Our entrees came out and THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZEBALL. Mr D had the cheesy one and since I was sick, he forgot about me and just ate it all.

The next course came out and Mr D’s cabonara was placed in front of him. He was a bit disappointed since it was creamy but it came with a poached egg where it bursts liquid gold when you popped it. They used such good quality bacon and it was salty enough that it balanced the dish.


I got the gnocchi with saffron and truffles and it was DELISH! It was smooth, the gnocchi was fluffy and the saffron and truffles oh my gosh it was AMAZEBALL. However, I found that they put way too much gnocchi for one person and I wasn’t able to finish it which was a shame.

Gnocchi with Saffron and Truffles

Our third course was MEAT!  Mr D had the pork and it was cooked medium rare and it was cooked to perfection. We forgot what the other things on the dish were but trust me, whatever they put in front of you, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven. Mine was crumbed on the outside and so tender in the middle and it was AMAZING!

Just before dessert, they asked me if I would like grappa which was a digestive alcohol and I said sure. Be warned though, it hits you in the face and you topple over.

Finally, our desserts come out and Mr D got the dessert I wanted, the treasure. It was basically a chocolate cake with chocolate sauce oozing from the inside with mint ice cream on the side to balance the sweetness. THIS. WAS. EFFING. AMAZING. Luckily for me, Mr D shared half with me (taught him well).

I got the ice cream cake which was pistachio  flavoured and it was super duper refreshing. Not as amazing as the treasure dessert but still great nonetheless.

This hidden gem has been opened for 5 months and is already booked out till after christmas. We were lucky that we came in at the time we did because they had to turn away customers due to full house. They don’t rush you to leave and it has such a homely feel and they want you to feel that you can come by and catch up wit your friends over great quality food. When you ask for the bill, the owner hand writes each one which I thought gave this eatery and amazing and personal feel. I also got a photo with the owner (isn’t he adorable??).

You also get a card where they thank you for coming and being a guest in their little hidden gem. It was the perfect way to end the night.

Thanks for making my last night in Rome magical and ending my Europe trip the way that I’ve always imagined it to be. Will definitely recommend this place to anyone who stops by Rome but be sure to make a booking.

Il Nido del Pettirosso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Via Palermo, 89, 00184 Roma, Italy
Tel: +39 333 864 0309

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