ITALY: Wonderful Ice Cream, Roma



Whilst in Italy, Mr D and I had been having A LOT of gelato (when I say a lot, I mean literally 3 times a day!) and we stumbled across Wonderful Ice Cream while shopping on the main road.


We stepped inside and was greeted by the friendly and smiley staff and told us we get to pick 3 flavours for 2.50€ (Oh Em Gee! HOW CHEAP!). So now we’re super excited AND there’s just so MANY flavours to choose from!


After 10 minutes of intense deliberation, I decided to get lemon, nutella and I think a some sort of cream (it’s been three weeks now…) and they were ABSOLUTELY AMAZEBALL!! OH EM GEE! It was so creamy, so light and oh so good! Gosh, I wished I could just bathe in it FOREVER!

Mr D got a choc mint, and a lot of chocolate flavours and he absolutely LOVING it and thought life couldn’t get any better (it could, like…sharing your gelato with me).

Love this place. Went back here another 3 times before we had to jetset back to Melbourne. This is the one gelato store which I would gladly fly back to Rome for.

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Via Nazionale, 19a, 00184 Roma, Italy
Tel: +39 06 487 1809

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