FRANCE: Pierre Herme, Paris (Galeries Lafayette)

We met up with Mr D’s friend, Miss Tour Guide and she took us to Galeries Lafayette and showed us her fav macrons in town – Pierre Herme.

Being a sweet tooth, I couldn’t decide which flavours to get. THERE WAS JUST SO MANY! My tummy couldn’t process what it wanted to taste.

I had a great idea and decided to get 5 flavours: Infiniment rose (rose & rose petal), Infiniment caramel (salted butters caramel), Mogador (milk chocolate & passionfruit), Inifiniment vanille (vanillas from Tahiti, Mexico & Madagascar) and I forgot the last flavour I had (oopsie daisies).

My first bite, I tried to describe it to Mr D how amazing it was but that would mean less eating time for me. The outside was crunchy, the inside was soft and the filling, oh my gosh, the filling for each and every one of the flavours were AMAZEBALL!

They also had a chocolate section and if you purchase something (like…macarons), they let you taste the chocolate so you can buy it if you like it. I found the chocolate to be super rich and super dark. I wasn’t a fan but if Mr D wasn’t sick, he’d probably would enjoy it more than me.

Man, being back in Melbourne I’m missing these macarons. Would totally recommend Pierre Herme and they have also gone international as well (when will you come to Melbourne???!!!!). I heart you Pierre Herme.

Galeries Lafayette, Espace Chaussures et Souliers (niveau -1) & Espace Créateurs (niveau 1), 40 boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris
Tel: +33(0)1 43 54 47 77

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