FRANCE: Ristorante Del Arte, Paris (centre Commercial Val d’Europe)

Mr D’s fam bam decided to drop by and have lunch with us after we shopped and they decided on Ristorante Del Arte to prepare us for Italy. 

Since it was a weekday it wasn’t super busy and we got a table for 4 immediately. We didn’t get any entrees since we were slightly full from the choux from the shop across from it. I decided to get the Four Formaggi pizza because 1. I LOVE cheese and 2. I LOVE pizza! It. Was. GINORMOUS! It was so cheesey, it was gooey, there was so much flavour, I was in CHEESE HEAVEN (cue angels singing). I was LOVING life at this moment! Almost forgot, the base was super fluffly and light and I felt like I was eating nothing at all..nothing at all…

Four Formaggi Pizza

Mr D got Cabonara pasta and he absolutely LOVED it. He couldn’t believe how amazing it was and kept raving on and on so of course I needed to try it. He broke the egg and mixed it in and my gosh, it was creamy and didn’t feel heavy at all. Kudos France.


I couldn’t leave a place without dessert so I reluctantly (was only reluctant for 2 seconds…) got the caramel panna cotta. This wasn’t so good. The panna cotta was quite solid and the caramel was super sweet. I couldn’t finish it at all which was a shame.

Panna Cotta

Great Italian chain with great food and totally kicks la porchetta’s butt (sorry la porchetta). If you’re peckish and feel like italian, just stop by here to satisfy your cravings.

Centre Commercial Val d’Europe, 14 Cours du Danube, 77700 Serris, France
Tel:+33 1 64 63 21 50

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