UK: Five Guys, London (Covent Garden)

Whilst shopping around Covent Garden we were getting quite peckish (almost dinner time!) and Mr D spotted Five Guys and rushed in. It was super packed and we stood at the back seeing how it all works and having free peanuts (freebies!! I like!!).

So, I figured the process was you pick either a burger/dog/sandwich and you just pick the toppings and as much toppings as you want all free of charge and pay for the burger/dog/sandwich only. I got the little cheeseburger and Mr D got the little hamburger and they came back wrapped in foil. We also got chippies and a drink on the side just in case. The chippies were soggy and flavourless which was disappointing.

Little Hamburger – £4.75

Little Cheeseburger – £5.50

I noticed that both burgers were so squished that they were kinda ugly (sorry bugers!) and they were really dry, especially the meat. It was really oily as well which didn’t tickle my fancy. One of the cool thing was you refill your own drink and it’s a touch screen drink dispenser (how AMAZEBALL is that?? Maybe Australia is delayed and I’m just easily impressed!).

I probably would come back if I’m craving burgers and there’s nothing around, I mean it was decent but wasn’t fantabulous or anything. Sorry five guys, you’re out!

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1-3 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9LH, UK
Tel: 020 72402057

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