SA: Luxxe Café, Adelaide

My hotel was opposite to this cafe and I had to have breakfast early and so I ventured into Luxxe (the concierge heard good things and I trusted him!).


Got here at 7AM and there was only one other customer inside. The staff were super friendly and that picked me up early in the morning. I got myself a Chai latte (notice that it’s my adult drink…) and it wasn’t too bad.

Chai Latte


I also got a avocado, bacon and cheese foccacia and it wasn’t that great. I found it to be a tad dry and they were quite stingy with the bacon. The foccacia was great though, very crispy! What a shame about the rest though.

Avocado, Bacon & Cheese Foccacia.


I also treated myself a blueberry muffin (I LOOOOOVE BLUEBERRY MUFFINS) and it was disappointing as well. It was sooooo dry (what is with the dryness here….sigh).

Blueberry Muffin


I was hoping that it would be a great breakfast but if you do end up here, get a coffee (heard its pretty good) but steer away from the food. What a shame, I loved the staff and service though. They were super friendly!

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60 Waymouth Street, City Centre, Adelaide, SA
Tel: (08) 8211 6333

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