Phat Milk, Travancore

What to do when you’ve got a free day? Brunch of course! Not wanting to go too far we headed to Phat Milk with the girlies for our brunch date. It was a cold and windy day in Melbourne and we quickly rushed into Phat Milk. There were a few tables at the front but there were plenty more at the back. We sat down, relaxed, and flicked through the menu. The staff was so patient while we decided what to get.

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Blackwork, Croydon

Since having moved to Croydon I haven’t really checked out the local scene so when Mr D suggested to have a brunch date, I surely had to agree. Wondering around, we decided to check out Blackwork. Blackwork looks like it could be a cafe in the city with it’s chic interior, Proud Mary coffee and uber cool menu. There’s ample of parking across the road and it does get quite busy on a weekend so make sure you get in early.

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Urban Provodore, Tullamarine – Melbourne Airport Terminal 2

Airports, a place where people say goodbye or greet their loved ones. Airports are also a place where people grab some food before their flights or if their flights are delayed. For us, it was before a flight (woohoo!!) and we decided to drop by Urban Provodore for some breakfast. It wasn’t too busy early in the morning and we were starving so we knew exactly what we wanted.

I got the omelette and unfortunately I found it to need more seasoning. The omelette wasn’t fluffy and was quite oily as well.

Omelette – $21

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TAS: Czeg’s Cafe, Richmond

A wander around Richmond and we stumbled upon Czeg’s cafe which we promptly walked in to start our brunching date. It was a full house and you know the coffee is good when everyone in the cafe isn’t eating anything but are all holding a cup of coffee. We sat down by the window and you order at the register so take off your coats, relax and start your feasting.

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NSW: Lil Miss Collins, Parramatta

I always try to wake up super early on work trips so I can venture out and check out the cafe scenes. Luckily for me, there was a cute spot 5 minutes walk from my hotel in Parramatta, Lil Miss Collins. It was a pop up but it was very adorable nonetheless. I walked inside (it was still situated outside though) and the staff were so friendly. I took a seat and BAM I had decided what I wanted.

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NSW: Liquid Gold Beach Cafe, Newcastle

I got up early in the morning to roam around the beach to find a place for breakkie before I had to meet my co-workers to start our work day. Walking along I found Liquid Gold Beach Cafe and decided to drop by for something healthy (well, what I’d like to think as healthy anyway). Shame that there were constructions going on and I couldn’t have an awesome view of the beach inside the cafe. Nonetheless I went inside and was greeted by friendly staff. 

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The Meatball & Wine Bar, Melbourne


It was ANZAC day which meant the dawn service will get people out of their beds and stay for the ANZAC parade. While Miss Train and I couldn’t get our butts out early enough, we did make it in time for the parade and shuffled on over to the Meatball and Wine Bar for some brekkie. The Meatball and Wine bar is the hot spot for catching up with friends over wine or good hearty food. However, due to the ever growing of popularity of breakfast, they have recently opened their doors for breakfast on the weekdays. So this was where I spent my morning with Miss Train.

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Rye Cafe, Flemington

Rye Cafe is a really cute and family friendly cafe located within the Showgrounds Village Complex in Flemington with new owners who took over 6 months ago. I was invited to dine by Rye Cafe and all opinions expressed are my own.

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