Koko Black, Doncaster (Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre)

While shopping casually in Westfield I was getting grumpy since I didn’t have any sugar in me, sooooo Mr suggested KOKO BLACK!! I’m more of a sweets person and I know koko black chocolates are a bit more on the darker side but hey, I’m not going to refuse CHOCOLATE!!

We entered the chocolate hub and was greeted by friendly staff and chose to sit in the corner with the cushy chairs (not going to be a sucker and sit on them hard chairs yo!). I decided to get the classic belgian hot chocolate. There were so many different hot chocolate flavours and since I was in a boring mood, I chose the classic one. To be honest, it was okay. Not super sweet, not that thick but it wasn’t bad either.

Classic Belgian Hot Chocolate – $7

Mr D on the other hand got the iced coffee which had a double shot of espresso over vanilla bean ice cream with full cream milk. It had sprinkles of chocolate on top and it also comes with cream but….Mr D didn’t want the cream (sad times). He really REALLY liked this iced coffee and was raving on about it sine it wasn’t too sweet and very coffee-y.

Iced Coffee – $9

Of course we HAD to get dessert because how can you just go into a chocolate HEAVEN and NOT have dessert (like seriously?!). We got the chocolate mousse to share and it was complemented with crunchy soil (relax…not REAL soil haha). IT WAS MOUTHWATERING-LY AMAZEBALLS!! It even had a teeny chocolate block as well!! It was so cute! It was rich and the mousse wasn’t as light as I thought it’ll be, a touch on the dense side. The crunchy soil at the bottom gave it an awesome texture and when you mix everything together….BAM! HEAVEN!

Chocolate Mousse $10.50

I love Koko Black and will definitely come back and eat ALL the desserts! The chocolate mousse was amazing! I’ll have to koko my way back here.

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Westfield Doncaster, Level 1, 619 Doncaster Road, Doncaster, VIC 3105
Tel: (03) 9848 1356
Website: www.kokoblack.com/category/salon/melbourne

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