Hammer & Tong 412, Fitzroy

My friends decided they wanted to head to Hammer & Tong for lunch and of course they only do bookings for dinner (head online) and walk-in for lunches. So I got there early with Mr D and they wouldn’t seat or consider us until everyone in our party was there (booo they were only 5 minutes away) so we sat by the coffee bar and waited patiently (without any choice….sigh). Finally, they arrived and we got a table within 5 mins (WOOOOHOOOO). Took our jackets off (so hot) and got seated. I ordered a Chai Latte (my adult coffee substitute that won’t make me hyperactive) and when it came out it was the most exciting thing I saw. The honey on the side was in a little beaker (SCIENCE WOOOOOO). Mixing in the honey into the latte, it was pretty damn good!

Chai Latte 

I ordered the the salt & pepper french toast, fried duck egg, maple, chorizo, smoked oreo crumbs, duck egg & salted caramel ice cream because I wanted to have something sweet. It came out and it was kinda pretty. The french toast was so good and there were chorizo and oreo crumbs around it (kinda looking like dirt). The ice-cream wasn’t that great though. That was disappointing since it’s kinda hard to go wrong with salted caramel. Oh wells.

Salt & Pepper French Toast

Mr D got the signature dish, the soft shell crab dog in a black bun (oooh fancy). This was amazing. This is why people come to Hammer and Tong. Although Mr D did complain about the size of the dish, he was only 50% full but did not deny the quality.

Soft Shell Crab Dog

Hammer and Tong is a great place for a catch up but be warned, it does get busy for lunch and expect to wait. The soft shell crab is the go to on the menu and maybe stay away from the french toast (regrets, I has them). Great atmosphere, great food, reasonably priced and great company. Need I say more.

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Rear 412 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, 3065
Tel: (03) 9041 6033
Website: www.hammerandtong.com.au

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