Hoa Tran, Springvale


I was in good ol’ springy to get my hat for my traditional dress and and I was getting a touch hungry and on the verge of hangry. Mr D quickly eyed Hoa Tran and rushed me in and promptly sat me down and started ordering from the menu. Smart kid. Anywho, Hoa Tran is in the alley way and it was super busy when we got there but we were able to snag a table. When you walk in, it’s like every other Vietnamese eatery, signal to the staff how many people were dining, sit down and look over the menu. Mr D got the usual Vietnamese ice coffee and this was quite good. It was very bitter with a touch of sweetness and you could really taste the caffeine which is the way he liked it.

Ice Coffee – $3.50


Everytime I go to a Vietnamese restaurant I always, and I mean ALWAYS, order a durian smoothie (yay! Stanky breath time!). However, at Hoa Tran, this was a disappointment. There wasn’t any durian taste at all, it was very watery and if you’re thinking about getting this, just don’t. I wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Durian Smoothie $6


Mr D got the crispy combination egg noodles and he noticed that it wasn’t as good as he had it earlier in the week. The noodles were super duper crispy but the sauce was quite bland which was a real shame.

Crispy Combination Egg Noodles – $15


I will always, definitely, get roast duck with egg noodle soup. The soup it self was a touch on the salty side but that didn’t really bother me. They were also quite generous with the amount of egg noodles which is a plus for those who have a bigger appetite. The best part, the roast duck was AMAZEBALL. The skin had a slight crisp and the duck wasn’t too oily or dry. I absolutely smashed it and of course shared a piece with Mr D.

Egg Noodle Soup with Roast Duck – $11.50


The food came out really quick, the staff were polite and very efficient, however, the food itself wasn’t anything spectacular and I wouldn’t recommend this place if you’re looking for great comforting Vietnamese food.

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246A Springvale Rd, Springvale VIC 3171
Tel: (03) 9547 7879
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