Lux Foundry, Brunswick


Dress shopping was on the agenda with the two stooges (ARGH!) and so we were on Sydney Road. After the first appointment, we were recommended by the staff to drop by Lux Foundry for brunch so that’s exactly what we did. We ventured out and battled against the strong Melbourne winds and found Lux Foundary, just across the train tracks.

It was only 11:30AM but it was already so busy. We sat outdoors until there was a table free for us (only took 10 minutes or so) and we rushed in to get away from the wind. Stooge 1 and I got a chai latte and it came with a little pot of honey. It wasn’t creamy as I thought it would be and the chai flavour wasn’t super strong either so that was disappointing.

Chai Latte – $4


Stooge 2 got her usual, a mocha and this was AMAZEBALL! Usually mocha’s are pretty average but this was oh so delish. The chocolate was so rich and creamy and with a hint of espresso shot, it gets you going. I’ll definitely come back to have their mocha.

Mocha – $3.80


I got the Middle eastern poached eggs with grilled zaatar flat bread, beetroot relish, falafel and smokey baba ganoush. This was absolutely AMAZEBALL! The poached eggs were perfectly cooked and oozed once you break it. The baba ganoush was full of flavour and the falafel was not bland at all. I loved everything on this dish and did not need to season it at all.

Middle Eastern Poached Eggs – $17.50


Stooge 2 got the slow roasted roma tomatoes with avocado, goat’s curd, smoked pancetta, basil pesto and poached eggs. Lux Foundry does not mess around when they say avocado, they really pack that onto the toast which is a YAY! The roma tomatoes were grilled and so juicy on the inside and the basil pesto, YUMMO! I’m not a fan of goat’s curd but the two stooges ADORED it so that’s a plus.

Slow roasted Roma Tomatoes – $18.50


Stooge 1 got the crispy poached eggs because she couldn’t understand the whole concept. It came with chili caramel jam and boy did this jam pack a punch. The crispy egg itself? It was beautifully poached on the inside and crispy on the outside. Mix it with the caramel jam and BAM, foodgasm right there.

Crispy Poached Eggs – $14


Yolk Porn Action


We also got a side of chunky fries with roast garlic aoili because, well, everybody loves fries. These were quite chunky when they came out and were super duper crispy! LOVING IT!!! The garlic aoili on the other hand, was quite average but the fries did make up for it.

Side of Chunky Fries with Aioli –  $4.50


We’re so glad we took the dress shop staff’s advice and had brunch at Lux Foundry. It’s in a cool warehouse and very spacious on the inside (they also do functions too!). The staff are lovely and make sure everything is alright. The food is sensational and the mocha, oh my goodness that chocolately espresso goodness is to die for. Definitely a gem in Brunswick and if you haven’t been, get your butts down there now.

21 Hope Street, Brunswick, VIC 3056
Tel: (03) 9387 8075
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