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Mr Italian Stallion decided to crash Miss Curly Fries and my date and suggested to hit up the famous secret burgers at Dandenong Pavilion (Yep, you’ve guessed it, it’s in DANDENONG!). It was spacious inside and you could either get a booth (SCORE!) or a table. Since it was only 3PM, it wasn’t busy at all.

Now, if you know anything about Dandenong Pavilion, you should know that once you’re seated, the wait staff will give you the normal menu. You have to request the secret burger menu (called Flip City) where their delectable burgers are at.

Secret Burger Menu

Now that we got our menu, we were ready to rock and roll guys! Each burger comes with a side of chippies and tomato (or ketchup) sauce for $21.50. If you’d like any other additional sauce, it’s $1 extra. I got the McDowwell which had two beef patties, melted double cheddar & Swiss cheese, lettuce and special burger sauce. This was SUPER DUPER saucey and it was FABULOUS! The minced beef patties were sensational, the melted cheese made it droolicious and the special sauce made it mouth-watering. I ADORED this burger and it was worth every penny. The chippies were quite average but the seasoning was awesome!


Miss Curly Fries got the General which consists of two beef patties, melted double cheddar cheese, pickles, grilled onion, american mustard, jalapenos and tomato sauce. This sounded oh-so-amazing. It gives a spicy kick and it was quite drier then I thought it would be which was disappointing. This didn’t really tickle my fancy at all.

The General

Mr Italian Stallion got the Jiro which had a beef patty, brasied lammb, melted swiss cheese and truffle mayonnaise. Mr Italian Stallion really enjoyed it but I could still taste the lamb-y smell. It was also quite dry as well which was a shame.


Whilst chatting away, we decided to grab a coffee. I got the chai latte (of course) and it was pretty average. I didn’t expect it to be amazeball so I wasn’t disappointed.

Chai Latte – $3.80

It’s a fair drive to get to Dandenong Pavilion and if you do go, remember to ask for the secret burger menu. The McDowwell was definitely the standout, being very AMAZEBALL and all and the service was lovely and efficient. They don’t even shoo you away even if you over stay your welcome because you’re ALWAYS welcomed. Also, make sure you make a booking just in case you don’t get a spot.
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 55-61A Princes Highway, Dandenong, VIC
Tel: (03) 9793 2133
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