Gami Chicken & Beer, Melbourne (Little Lonsdale Street)

We decided to go to Gami before our little Escape Room adventure because its happy hour somewhere in the world right now, it’s Beer o’clock! My friend booked for a table of 5 on a Saturday for 12:30PM and when I arrived, I was really surprised that it wasn’t packed at all. We were seated upstairs and surprise surprise, it was fully empty!


Upstairs Dining Area

We all sat down and was super famished so we started ordering from the menu. We got the Chicken spare ribs first and it came with a cabbage salad. The chicken spare ribs were pretty good. They were succulent, yummy and soo good. I didn’t even touch the salad seeing as we were here for chicken and beer.

Chicken Spare Ribs – $12

Next up, was the korean fried boneless chicken and we got to pick 2 sauces. We chose the spicy and the sweet soy garlic. The spicy one was SOOOOOO SPICY (had to totally down the beer for that) and the sweet soy garlic one was pretty good, not too garlic-y (still kissable after eating it). The boneless chicken, not my cup of tea. It was a tad dry.

Korean Fried Boneless Chicken – $32

I couldn’t come into a Korean place and not have CORN AND CHEESE!! We got two servings because there were 5 of us and this dish was AH-MAH-ZING!!! It was soooo corny, so cheesey and yummy spices!! MELTED IN MY MOUTH!!

Corn Cheese – $9.80

Finally, our last dish was the kimchi pancake. This I thought was pretty average, nothing outstanding but still good nonetheless.

Kimchi Pancake – $14

Overall, if you do enjoy your fried chicken you should definitely check this place out. I’m not the biggest fan of fried chicken but I’ll come back and watch you eat it! Not too oily or greasy and lots of drinking food to keep you entertained. COME FOR THE CORN AND CHEESE!!!

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100 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000
Tel: (03) 9671 3232

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