QLD: Jamie’s Italian, Brisbane

So I’m back in Brisbane and guess where the baby brother A wants to eat? Yes, Jamie’s Italian by Jamie Oliver. He’s been hanging to try this place since it opened late Nov 2014, so who am I to deny this food request? This is one of Jamie’s Italian that’s opened internationally and within Australia including Sydney, Canberra, Perth and Brisbane (Yep, none in Melbourne so far).

We booked a table at 8pm but arrived earlier to suss it out. We were handed a vibrating thing that lights up and vibrates when our table will be ready and headed to the bar.

I ordered the Holy Espresso for baby A since he didn’t know what to get and if you’re into Espresso Martinis, this drink has put it onto a whole new level with double shot espresso (none of that cafe patron). So smooth, so silky, so gooooood.

Finally out table was ready and we were escorted downstairs. No the thing I didn’t like was that they had put us in the furthest corner possible and since there were so many empty seats around, I wasn’t sure why we couldn’t get a seat earlier or sit around other customers. Anywho, we were so hungry we needed all the food to come out.

First off the Famous Polenta Chips with Rosemary salt and Parmesan and this my god was amazing! Shame I didn’t have a picture because I devoured it like not tomorrow. It was so crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and there was enough balance of the herbs and cheese.

Our first entree came and it was the Tuscan-style chicken liver bruschetta. I’m a fan of liver (foie gras and pate) so tickled my fancy. So when the dish came out, it was a very decent sized serving of the liver (oops, half eaten photo) on the bread. It was really nice at the beginning but towards the middle, I realised that perhaps they really should serve it with a few more extra bread.

Next came out the Prime Strip Sirloin with truffle butter and sauteed mushrooms. This wasn’t the best steak I ever had but it wasn’t so bad either. It was quite decent but I don’t think I’d come back for the steak.

Next up was the potato and truffle tortellini. Now this dish, OH EM GEE! Yes it was perfect. The tortellini were stuffed with potato and ricotta and tossed with butter, truffle and parmesan. This was absolutely amazing. It was creamy, but not the sickening creamy, and wasn’t salty either. This will be my go to dish if I ever come back!

Finally for dessert we got the Almalfi Lemon Meringue Cheesecake. This dish was a little bit disappointing and I found it to be a bit too sour.

I did enjoy the polenta chips, tortellini and the chicken liver.  However, I found to the end that we were no longer getting the attention from the staff and they no longer came by to ask how everything was. To be honest, I don’t think I would consider coming back here even though I love Jamie Oliver.

237 Edward St, Brisbane CBD, 4000
Tel: (07) 3144 3000
Website: www.jamieoliver.com/italian/australia/restaurants/brisbane

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