Sezar Take 2, Melbourne


It was Mr Burberry and Miss Teeth’s birthday bash and they chose to head on down to Sezar for some Armenian food. I decided to let Mr D take the lead and try to find the place and he spotted the bike which eventually led him to the restaurant.

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Auction Rooms, North Melbourne

I agreed with a friend to come here at 9:30am (that would be my breakfast…) and when I got there, it was fully packed. Luckily my friend got there super early and got a table for us (YAY). I ordered the breakfast board of grilled chorizo, ocean trout croquette, feta, avocado puree, a soft-boiled egg with rye soldiers and a white iced coffee. THIS WAS AMAZEBALL! The soft-boiled egg was perfectly cooked and the yolk was so runny and the ocean trout croquette, YUMMO!!! 

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