Hecho En Mexico, Fitzroy

The Creative Couple were craving Mexican food so we looked on Zomato and decided to check out Hecho En Mexcio in Fitzroy. Located on Brunswick St, it is super busy and it’s quite difficult to find free parking, they’re usually 1-2 hours free parking. Anywho, walking in we were greeted very warmly by the staff. We ordered our meals and chatted away.

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Fonda Mexican, Knox O-Zone, Wantirna

After our movie date, I was a little distressed with all the action in the movie and was utterly depressed. So Mr D knew one way to cheer me up, find a place for me to try and hope for the best that the food was awesome sauce. We walked past Fonda Mexican and I’ve heard about this but haven’t had a chance to try it and it seems that they’ve opened quite a few chains by now. So in we went and got ourselves a table. The decor was so bright and retro and it just makes you smile, bursting with energy. So the menus are on the table and once you’ve figured out what you wanted to eat, go up to the counter to put through and pay for your order and they’ll bring it out to your table.

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NSW: Mustang Spur Steak Ranch, Campbelltown

One of my new workmates that had just started was so ecstatic when we walked past Spurs because it reminded him of back home in South Africa. So of course, we went inside to relive his childhood. It’s a mexican / steak joint that has the same atmosphere as TGI Friday’s, well that’s how I would compare it with. We walked in and was seated and our orders were taken immediately. However, that was where the great experience ended for us.

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Mi Corazon Zomato Masterclass, Brunswick East

Mi Corazon was a tequila bar in Brunswick east, when you stepped in you were transported to Mexico. I was invited by Zomato to attend the tequila and mezcal masterclass and all opinions expressed are my own. We were greeted warmly by the owner, Kyle who prepared us all a tequila concoction with blood orange juice and it was YUMMILICOUS (totes wanted more!).

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ChillBro Paletas, Melbourne (Melbourne Central)

I told Mr D I’ll come here with him but I was already in the city with my uni gang and decided to go in ninja mode and hopefully Mr D won’t know (I hope you’re not reading this hohoho). We stood awkwardly at the front of the shop and tried to look at the menu from afar (yeah, we’re cool like that) and was like Chill Bro to each other.

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Mamasita, Melbourne

It was a catch up with my two stooges and we decided to try out Mamasita (been hanging to come here FOREVER!). Since there were three of us, we couldn’t make a booking for a Thursday night, they only do lunchtime bookings or for dinners has to be a table for 8-10 people (sure we can try to eat for 8 people but we were not going to be able to leave the place if we tried…). So the rule was whoever finished work goes in first to bag a seating. Turns out I was the first one there at 6:30PM and headed upstairs (I did miss it, very inconspicuous).

Tacos? Tequila? YES PLEASE!

Totally missed this door…

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