Ngon Vietnamese and Asian Cuisine, Highett

Highett isn’t the first place you’d think of Vietnamese food and here sits a hidden gem. Ngon Vietnamese translates to Yum Vietnamese and you’ve gotta be amazing to name your restaurant that. The staff were super friendly and we came in at lunch time which we found out that not a lot of people come in for lunch, but for dinner. So luckily for us we had the whole venue to ourselves *wink wink*.

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Straight Outta Saigon, Melbourne

We were craving some Vietnamese food and whilst in the city we remembered twenty pho seven. However, when we got there, it has now changed to Straight Outta Saigon and is no longer 24hours BUT they were the same owners AND the menu has tweaked a bit. We thought to ourselves, well why not check it out and luckily we got a table immediately on a school night.

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Pho Village – Brandon Park Shopping Centre, Wheelers Hill

It’s lunchtime at work and we ventured out to Brandon Park Shopping Centre for a bit of Vietnamese food. Well, specifically pho for Ms Curly Fries and for me, Bun Bo Hue (BBH). We headed to Pho Village in the Brandon Park food court and yep, it’s crowded but the service was real quick. For only $11 you can get a steaming bowl of pho. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the pho but it was pretty good pho. It was light, had all the right flavours and it was enough to me safe and warm. Definitely a recommended dish.

I went for the BBH and boy was that a mistake. It didn’t have the right flavours and it tasted very diluted which was a shame.

Bun Bo Hue – $11

If you’re in the area and want a pretty decent pho from a food court, I’d definitely recommend Pho Village. However, just keep in mind to just get the pho and steer clear of the BBH.

Verdict: 🍷🍷🍷
Food: 🍷🍷🍷
Service: 🍷🍷🍷
Value: 🍷🍷🍷

Pho Village Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

580 Springvale Rd, Wheelers Hill VIC 3150
Tel: 0456 019 732

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Twenty-Pho Seven, Melbourne

Twenty Pho Seven, a pho place which opens 24/7 (say WHAT??) has landed in the city in Melbourne. Stepping inside you can smell pho broth and you’re greeted by friendly staff. Now, inside you’ll find a great mural in an urban environment. You will definitely feel relaxed here and no one rushes you out.

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NSW: Pho An, Bankstown

Pho topped with rare beef – $15

We were meeting a customer near Bankstown and the lovely customer decided to take us out for lunch. Since we were short on time, she took us to the legendary Pho An where people in the US asks the local to take them here so my expectations were quite high now. We walked in and it was super busy but there were a few tables free and we snagged one to ourselves. I got the medium pho topped with rare beef. Now, the service was so efficient that within 5 minutes, our food came out all steamy and ready to be eaten. 

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Pho Hung Vuong, Springvale

Mr D decided to take me down to Springvale to show me his fav pho joint, he just called it the chicken and cow place since they use to have the animals in the signs. Now they changed it to just the writing in Vietnamese (bonus points for me being able to read it!)

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