Milk the Cow, Carlton

It’s Sunday noon and guess where we’re heading, to have some cheese and wine for LUNCH (how fancy is that yo??)! There is two locations – St Kilda and Carlton and we were booked in for the Carlton one for the 12PM session which goes for two hours. So out of the dreary Melbourne weather (windy and rainy all day…) and into the licensed Fromagerie we go.


Since it opens at 12PM and we got in when it opened, it was a tad empty….more space for me!


We got seated at the back where they had two swinging chairs thingy (shame I forgot to take a photo!) and we were all served mulled wine! It was such good weather for it, the wine was soooo warm (warmed my icicle fingers) and it had all these spices in them and I gulped it down without any hesitation.


When everyone arrived, we finally got our cheese boards and matching wines. We had a large group and decided on getting the cheesemonger’s choice for $35 which we got matching wines with our four cheeses and a board of cheeses to share (CHEESE GALORE!!).  The cheeses are selected depending on season and changes weekly.

From right to left, the first cheese  was from France is the most consumed cheese in France and it was soooooo creamy. The second one was from Ireland and it was more ‘buttery’ as we were told. The third one was a spanish cheese and the final one was the goat’s milk cheese from Italy (I’m not really a fan of that one, not a fan of sheep/goat’s cheese…). Not to sound snobby and all but the wines tastes so different when you have it with the cheese and it was AMAZEBALL!

Individual Cheese Boards with Matching Wine


Since Mr D didn’t want to have the whole tasting menu, he decided to go rogue and do a la carte. He got the baked camembert which was cooked with garlic, fresh herbs and a splash of white wine and served with crusty baguette. It came out is a real cute little pot thingy with a fire burning underneath and my goshhhh it was soooooo creamy and amazing!! Although, Mr D gave me a piece with a huge chunk of garlic in it….no kissy for him!

Baked Camembert – $17


When we finished our individual boards we were surprised with MORE cheese (What? There’s more?!!) to share. Out came the board with blue cheese, camembert (I think…), some quince paste and other knick knacks!

Cheese Board to Share


Oh if you get the stool at the back, you can spin the stool to adjust the height (now everyone can be tall wooooo). I would definitely come back, I mean who wouldn’t. It’s like I died and went to Cheese heaven with Cheese pillows and Cheese rivers. Milk the Cow, I’ll be back to milk the cheese *drools*

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323 Lygon St, Carlton, VIC 3053
Tel:  (03) 9348 4771

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