Zest 89, Glen Waverley

After having a girls night, we decided to head to Zest 89 for breaky! Walked in at 10am (yeah maybe brunch…!) and was greeted warmly and seated immediately. The decor was so cute with pot plants everywhere. We were handed the menu and began selecting our dishes.

I got a spicy chai latte (spicy?? what??) and when it came it, it was just a chai latte with more chai sprinkled on top (basically just a chai latte…strange…). Anywho, this was pretty good and I gulped it down in a flash.

Spicy Chai Latte


Finally our breakfast/brunch arrived (was sooooooo hungry…*drools*). I ordered the Egg omlette with feta cheese, tomato and chorizo (That’s what I’m talking ABOUT!). It. Was. Ginormous. Bigger than my face. However, that was all that was good about it. I found it to be bland and to overload it with salt and pepper…

Egg Omlette


One of the girls got the Zest Big Breakfast because you know, she was a hungry monster this morning. Two eggs, a cheese kransky, bacon, mushrooms and hash browns. However, the bacon was cooked too crispy it became hard and dry (NOOO BACON!!!). This one was pretty average..

Zest Big Breakfast


The other girlie got the avocado and zucchini corn fritters and this was a disappointment. The corn fritter wasn’t crunchy and quite bland and a little bit doughy on the inside. BUT, the poached eggs were beautifully cooked and as soon as you cut it, the yolk oozed out (eggasm!).

Avocado and Zucchini Corn Fritters


So I won’t be coming back here for breakfast unless I have poached eggs with toast or eggs benedict (yumm hollandaise sauce). Sorry Zest 89, I really wanted to like you.

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89 Kingsway, Glen Waverley, VIC
Tel: (03) 9561 8918
Website: www.zest89.com.au

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