Cobb Lane, Yarraville

We had a double date for lunch and I was responsible for finding a venue. Took a random stab and chose Cobb Lane in Yarraville since I love the smell of fresh bread in bakeries. They don’t take bookings so we decided to turn up at noon (should have thought this through more carefully) but luckily we got a table just as we arrived. The place is very small and cosy and as you step in you just smell the bread (mmmm bread).We were seated right next to the bar/counter and looked over the menu. I decided to get the cream corn kipler potato with poached duck egg and pork belly. I love anything cream so when i saw corn kipler, I’m like what’s that? Who cares, it’s CREAM. When it came out, I was in heaven! It was so creamy, so much flavour and the pork belly (sooo much fat and had to choose if I still want to fit into my jeans or live in trackies forever. Obviously chose trackies!) was so moist, so soft, soooo good.

I was so full but guess what, I walked to the counter and found out there’s cakes in the glass cabinet (Mr D tried to trick me into paying without dessert). So I ordered a carrot cake (without Mr D’s knowledge of course) and out it came. Luckily Mr D was too full because that meant ALL FOR ME!! The carrot cake itself was average but the cream cheese icing (see how I choose anything cream??) was amazing and that made up for the cake. Now I was ready to pay.

I love this little bakery. It’s so cute, with fresh bread (which I will come back to try the bread), great breakfast/brunch/lunch (depends how early you wake up but its the same one) menu, great atmosphere and definitely not too pricey. Good quality food and as I’m typing this, I’m imagining myself there lining up with the fresh smell of bread.

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13 Anderson St, Yarraville, 3013
Tel:  (03) 9687 1538

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