NSW: Meat & Wine Co, Darling Harbour (Sydney)

So its dinner time and it was ladies choice of where to go (ladies choice meant ME hohoho). I decided to try meat and wine co since I’ve been hanging to try it in melbourne but never gotten the chance. We walked in and there was a table for two (didn’t have reservations AND it was super full for a Tuesday night). We looked at the menu and I decided to get the Monte Black Fillet with mash and merrindo valley mushroom sauce. I got the steak medium rare and when it came it out it was pretty decent. I found it a bit tough to slice through though which was a bit disappointing. The sauce was okay and so was the mash.

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QLD: Bishamon Japanese Restaurant, Spring Hill

Work trip again woooo! Upside, I get to try out new places. Downside, I have to eat alone. So once again I made my way around the area and found a cute little Japanese restaurant two minutes away from my hotel in Spring Hill.  I was hungry, I was tired and there was room for me.

Stepped in and was welcomed by the hostess and was seated next to the window.  I ordered the Kozaemon Kimoto Sake while I looked over the menu and it was refreshing, fruity and dry.  I decided to get all entree seeing as my belly can’t handle a lot of food. 

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QLD: Black Bird bar & grill, Brisbane

Went here on the whim for dinner on a work trip and my gosh it was so good. The decor is the 1920s and feels very exclusive when you enter the restaurant. It overlooks the stoney bridge in eagle pier.

For entrée we got the silk purse from sow’s ears with glasshouse mountain snails and green goddess dressing and it was a touch dry. We also got the warm citrus cured NZ king salmon with baby squid, garlic, Saffron and ink linguini. The whole dish was amazing with really fresh flavours.  Clearly it was so good I just wolfed it down without taking any photos…

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