Uni Boom Boom, Glen Waverly

Sea urchin or a.k.a uni is delicacy most known for in Japan. I’ve mostly had it in nigiri or sushi and I jumped at the moment when I found out there was a uni specialty restaurant in town. Located in Glen Waverly off the main road sits a warehouse. You won’t miss it since it has a blown up cartoon sea urchin out front. There won’t be any parking at the venue but there’s ample street parking. Uni Boom Boom has been opened for 5 years selling uni and birds nest direct to the public and they have just opened up their eatery for one year and it provides an opportunity to taste some premium uni.

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Burwood Teppanyaki House, Burwood

On the long stretch of Burwood Highway sits a Teppanyaki restaurant that doesn’t catch your attention unless you’re actively looking for it. There’s plenty of parking in front and behind the restaurant, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about. Walking in you’re greeted with friendly staff, laughter and loud noise. If you walked in wanting a quiet night, you’re in for a big surprise.

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Shinbashi Yakiniku, Carlton

The stooges plus Ms Pear decided it was was time to check out the new Japanese BBQ Shinbashi located in the heart of Lygon Street. We made a booking online, turned up and BAM got to our table and looked over the menu. We were there for lunch on a Sunday and there was only one floor staff looking after all the tables. Poor thing was running around like a headless chook BUT he was so friendly, polite and very attentive.

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Benny Burger, Melbourne

When I heard that Shannon Bennett opened up an ethical burger place, Benny Burger, I made sure I had to stop by for a visit. We dropped by the Collins Street eatery and it was small but the staff were super duper friendly. They took time in explaining the menu, what we would like and where everything came from. First impressions – loving it! We went to order at the counter and waited for our number to be called.

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Ribs & Burgers, Hawthorn

Ribs and Burgers is known for well, ribs and burgers (duh!) and there’s a new wagyu burger range that has just been released on the menu. Wagyu beef is highly marbled and literally melts in your mouth so how could we not be excited after hearing the new burger range. We visited the Hawthorn venue and there’s quite a bit of street parking on the main road but it’s first in first serve and does fill up quite quickly.

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Station Hotel, Footscray

I was in charge of work lunchies and we all (well me actually) decided to go to Station Hotel for some good ol’ steaks since it was the local joint. We made a booking (make sure you do too because it get super duper busy) and asked for the mains to be done by the time we got there because we were a bit strapped on time. We walked in and oh dear lord it was a full house. The food came out immediately and they got all the orders except for 1 correct which is quite impressive nonetheless.

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Chin Chin, Melbourne

Mr Italian Stallion suggested a catch up at Chin Chin and who am I to refuse him a delish meal. We turned up ASAP since we knew you’d have to wait a gazillion years before getting a table since Chin Chin only does walk in. Luckily, we got a table within 10 minutes (SCORE!).

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QLD: Bishamon Japanese Restaurant, Spring Hill

Work trip again woooo! Upside, I get to try out new places. Downside, I have to eat alone. So once again I made my way around the area and found a cute little Japanese restaurant two minutes away from my hotel in Spring Hill.  I was hungry, I was tired and there was room for me.

Stepped in and was welcomed by the hostess and was seated next to the window.  I ordered the Kozaemon Kimoto Sake while I looked over the menu and it was refreshing, fruity and dry.  I decided to get all entree seeing as my belly can’t handle a lot of food. 

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QLD: Black Bird bar & grill, Brisbane

Went here on the whim for dinner on a work trip and my gosh it was so good. The decor is the 1920s and feels very exclusive when you enter the restaurant. It overlooks the stoney bridge in eagle pier.

For entrée we got the silk purse from sow’s ears with glasshouse mountain snails and green goddess dressing and it was a touch dry. We also got the warm citrus cured NZ king salmon with baby squid, garlic, Saffron and ink linguini. The whole dish was amazing with really fresh flavours.  Clearly it was so good I just wolfed it down without taking any photos…

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