Fiorini’s Pizza & Italian, Toorak

I had a date with Ms Curly Fries and unfortunately the restaurant we were planning on going to had a power outage *insert crying face* so of course, being the spontaneous people we were, we made our way Toorak road in search for a new date place. Reaching towards the end of the street, we eyed a quiet Italian restaurant, Fiorini’s Pizza & Italian and in we went. The staff were super duper friendly and were so patient as we looked over the menu to decide what we wanted to have.

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Zen Charcoal BBQ, South Yarra

I came here with a friend for dinner since she was craving Korean. We were in the area since we were seeing 112 (YEAH BOIIII!) and needed to stay close to the venue. I made a reservation on a Sunday night but we were a tad late but I called ahead to let them know (politeness FTW).

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