Elephant Corridor, Glen Waverly

The Glen, renown for difficult parking and heaps of restaurants that’s pumping with customers on every night regardless if it’s a weekday or weekend. Work organised a dinner and Indian cuisine was on the agenda, a booking at Elephant Corridor was made on a Tuesday night. If you are driving, you might get lucky and be able to snag a spot in front of the restaurant but if not, I’d suggest you make your way to the car park complex because you’ll be guaranteed a spot AND it’s free! The restaurant itself was quite darkly lit (guess it’s more date-y??) but the staff were super duper friendly and welcoming.

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Zest 89, Glen Waverley

After having a girls night, we decided to head to Zest 89 for breaky! Walked in at 10am (yeah maybe brunch…!) and was greeted warmly and seated immediately. The decor was so cute with pot plants everywhere. We were handed the menu and began selecting our dishes.

I got a spicy chai latte (spicy?? what??) and when it came it, it was just a chai latte with more chai sprinkled on top (basically just a chai latte…strange…). Anywho, this was pretty good and I gulped it down in a flash.

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O’Town, Glen Waverly

We decided to duck into here for a quick dinner since we were all starving and cold on a Saturday night. Luckily we arrived when we did at 7pm because as soon as we were seated a huge rush of customers came in (like they all just teleported here all at once!). There was no service at all. We didn’t receive any menus and had to keep asking for it and finally they brought it around AND they gave us one less (I was the sacrifice and had to wait patiently).

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