Sakura Kaiten Sushi, Melbourne

Dinner with Miss Pandan and it was her turn to choose and of course it was Japanese, more specifically, sushi train. We went to her favourite sushi train place, Sakura Kaiten Sushi on Collin Street and yes, there is a second one but Miss Train was adamant that we only go to the original one. She also warned me that it’ll be super busy so we got there just before it opened and there were already people waiting outside. Once the doors opened, we were all seated and the train started moving.

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Sushi Hub, Melbourne

The babies decided they wanted to try out the new sushi train place and so I third wheeled them and ended up at Sushi Hub. At the front of the store you can buy sushi to either take away or eat in. The babies weren’t interested in that, no siree, they were interested in the sushi train and that was fully packed! We had to line up waited for maybe 15 minutes in peak lunch time.


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