Piatella Cafe Bar, Glen Waverley

Piatella Cafe Bar sits in the heart of the eating strip in Glen Waverley and that means parking will be a b***h. However, when we got inside, it was very cosy and welcoming. We put our order through the day before since we had a group of 7 and needed to finish lunch in 1.5hours. Unfortunately, our food did not arrive until 1 hour later without any explanation or the staff coming over to let us know which was very disappointing. Let’s move onto the food.

The pumpkin gnocchi was very rich but the flavour was so delish. It was very pumpkin-y but it was a very heavy dish and I didn’t manage to finish half of the dish at all.

Pumpkin Gnocchi – $26
Potato gnocchi cooked in a creamy pumpkin sauce with tender chicken breast, pork-prosciutto, roasted pine nuts and baby spinach

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Blairgowrie Cafe, Sorrento

Work needed us to go down to sorrento and of course we stopped by Blairgowrie cafe for a pit stop because, well, coffee. There’s plenty of parking around so that’s not a problem and the cafe is a very community orientated eatery (how awesome is that?) and the staff are uber lovely and friendly. There’s plenty of food options and there’s even free wifi (I know this info can be super important to some people) and has an amazeballs library towards the back of the cafe.

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Straits Cafe, Wantirna South

After exploring Ikea with Miss Chanel (soon to be Mrs), we stopped by Straits Cafe for her Malaysian fix. Located on Stud Road, there are ample parking and of course, it’s free parking too. We arrived there at on a Wednesday night and it was close to closing but there were still heaps of people around. We quickly ordered and our food came quick smart.

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Vanilla, Oakleigh

With having a new job near Christmas means Christmas lunches are due and our lunch was at Vanilla in Oakleigh. On a Tuesday lunch, my gosh, finding parking was hectic so I’d recommend you park where Coles is. Now, back to the restaurant, it was buzzing like mad and there were so many people and so many things going on. Vanilla is a ginormous restaurant with a lounge downstairs and a restaurant upstairs. Once you walk in, you’ll be greeted with the sweets cabinet by the counter.

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Korchi, Clayton

Exploring Clayton for a feed, we landed on Korchi for some korean goodness. Located close to Clayton station, there isn’t a lot of parking around so you might have to park a few streets down and walk there. On a Friday lunch, it was quite busy but we got a seat for 5 within 5 minutes (crowds of people were starting to leave already). We got a seat, menus to check out and put our order through.

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Limor’s, Caulfield North

Limor’s is a name for those who live around the Caulfield North area will know well. Having been around for over 20 years and serving up huge portions of Middle Eastern food, they certainly have made a name for themselves. Now, fast forward to now, Limor’s has exchanged hands and management and is now run by Yoram who wants to make Limor’s even more spectacular than before. 

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