Mamasita, Melbourne

It was a catch up with my two stooges and we decided to try out Mamasita (been hanging to come here FOREVER!). Since there were three of us, we couldn’t make a booking for a Thursday night, they only do lunchtime bookings or for dinners has to be a table for 8-10 people (sure we can try to eat for 8 people but we were not going to be able to leave the place if we tried…). So the rule was whoever finished work goes in first to bag a seating. Turns out I was the first one there at 6:30PM and headed upstairs (I did miss it, very inconspicuous).

Tacos? Tequila? YES PLEASE!

Totally missed this door…

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Little Rogue, Melbourne

It was date day and Mr D took me to a little hidden cafe in Melbourne CBD (he knows I love those hidden places) and it looked like it was literally in someone’s teeny house. We stepped in and the decor was amazingly adorable with little pot plants everywhere. Be warned though, there is very limited seating (in other words real cosy). We were lucky enough to found a table and ordered our coffees! My latte was pretty good, not amazing but still very decent. Look how cute the swan is though (YAY!!).


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