ITALY: Il Nido Del Pettirosso, Roma


It was our last night in Rome which meant our last night of our amazing European holiday and I was getting a little sad with the quality of food I was encountering. Mr D and I both agreed that we’re going to go away from the main roads and straight into the alley ways (recommend going into alleyway with another person…not alone haha). After what seemed like HOURS of walking, we stumbled across this quaint and adorable place where the signage was of a robin in a tux (HOW ADORABLE IS THAT?) and they only had an italian menu. This place gave me a good feeling so in we went.

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ITALY: La Cucina Nazionale, Roma

It was dinner time and Mr D and I promised ourselves we would stray from the main street but we were so tired we just dropped into the first place we saw – La Cucina Nazionale. Now, we were greeted warmly and that was about the service we got (step up your game Rome!). The interior was lovely and there was such a happy vibe and it cheered me up a bit.

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ITALY: Bar Viminale, Roma

While wondering around I got peckish seeing as it was lunch time, I needed to eat and PRONTO. We found a bar around the corner from our hotel and it wasn’t really friendly or inviting but I needed my food fix. 

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