Riverview Cafe & Wine Bar, Warburton

A day out in Warburton to visit the Redwood Forest, we definitely had to stop by to check out the food scene. It was smack bang lunch time and everywhere on the main street was so busy. Luckily for us Riverview Cafe & Wine Bar had a table so we were going to get our tummies filled!

First up, the seafood chowder. The serving was very generous and was filled with clams and fish with pieces of parmesan and bacon. It was very filling and was quite salty which was disappointing.

Seafood Chowder

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Blairgowrie Cafe, Sorrento

Work needed us to go down to sorrento and of course we stopped by Blairgowrie cafe for a pit stop because, well, coffee. There’s plenty of parking around so that’s not a problem and the cafe is a very community orientated eatery (how awesome is that?) and the staff are uber lovely and friendly. There’s plenty of food options and there’s even free wifi (I know this info can be super important to some people) and has an amazeballs library towards the back of the cafe.

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The Views Restaurant, Halls Gap

We were in the Grampians for Ms Teeth’s birthday but we didn’t realise that we needed a booking to get into some of the restaurants. Luckily for us, there was another place 5 mins away called The Views so we dropped by for some dinner. Located in The Grampian motel, the staff were oh so friendly that we couldn’t help but smile as soon as we entered.

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Coombe Melba Estate, Coldstream

The stooges were sleeping over and of course we had to brunch in the Yarra Valley or Coldstream. I made a booking for Coombe, the Melba Estate and  boy, was it beautiful. We got into the carpark and Coombe was hidden away behind these huge hedges. Once you step through the hedges, it was MAGNIFICENT! It was serene, it was gorgeous and best of all, it was classy!

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The Green Olive, Bendigo

A work trip into regional Victoria meant that we got to check out the local cafe for brunch so everyone was winning! We stopped by The Green Olive, a cafe where it was located in warehouse which is pretty cool. 

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Lake House, Daylesford

It was Mr D’s birthday and I booked Lake house for his second lunch (wooohoooo lunchhhh) because I’ve been hanging to come here (2 chefs hat!). We arrived and entered through reception and was greeted warmly. We were shown to our table, I of course went and sat on the cushiony bench surrounded by cushions (Mr D was lucky I didn’t just cocoon myself with cushions). We (really it means I) decided to get the Autumn/Early Winter 2015 Tasting Menu for $145 (why pick two dishes when you can have EIGHT!!!) and waited for our food to arrive. 

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