Benny Burger, Melbourne

When I heard that Shannon Bennett opened up an ethical burger place, Benny Burger, I made sure I had to stop by for a visit. We dropped by the Collins Street eatery and it was small but the staff were super duper friendly. They took time in explaining the menu, what we would like and where everything came from. First impressions – loving it! We went to order at the counter and waited for our number to be called.

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Urban Provodore, Tullamarine – Melbourne Airport Terminal 2

Airports, a place where people say goodbye or greet their loved ones. Airports are also a place where people grab some food before their flights or if their flights are delayed. For us, it was before a flight (woohoo!!) and we decided to drop by Urban Provodore for some breakfast. It wasn’t too busy early in the morning and we were starving so we knew exactly what we wanted.

I got the omelette and unfortunately I found it to need more seasoning. The omelette wasn’t fluffy and was quite oily as well.

Omelette – $21

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YOMG – Yo My Goodness, Glen Waverly

YOOOOO my gosh, YOMG has been around and I have yet dipped my toes (ewww lets change that to fingers) into their burgers. Since Mr Italian was due for a catch up, he suggested YOMG in Glen Waverly so we can get our burger hit. It was a Tuesday night and at 7:30PM, it was packed like sardines in there. We weren’t able to bag a seat inside so we had to sit in the winter cold rugged up next to the outdoor heaters.

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