Mister Greens Cafe, Forest Hill

I’ve been religiously booking restaurants via Dimmi and even offering to be the booker in my group of friends so I can get the Dimmi points. So we looked around our area where we could use our Dimmi Rewards and decided on Mister Greens Cafe. I made the booking online and BAM turned up at the venue. There’s plenty of parking in front of Mister Greens and if there’s no space, there’s parking in front of kfc and woolies too. We walked in and said that we had a reservation, the staff had no clue about the booking (even though I had a confirmation email…?) and luckily it wasn’t too busy yet so there were plenty of free tables around.

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Albert and Sydney, Brunswick


Miss Spam had a lunch house warming and people stayed for dinner and she was not prepared for that. However, due to the location of her new abode, we were spoilt for choice and decided to check out Albert and Sydney. The building itself is one of Melbourne’s first banks and has transformed itself into a wine and cocktail lounge. I heard the pumping RnB music and rushed everyone inside. It’s a lovely setting AND the staff are super friendly. We got a table by the bar and started looking through the menu.

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