Laduree, Chadstone

Food is usually the way to a man’s heart and it’s usually the same for ladies too. I know for sure that a way to my heart are goodies full of sweetness and when I heard that Laduree had popped up in Melbourne, I made sure to let Mr D know that my heart was aching. We made the road trip to Chaddy and located the cutie patootie store, right in front of H&M. It’s an open store and you could even have tea if you had an inkling. I opted for macarons on the go. There were quite a few flavours to choose from and don’t rush because nothing good ever results in rushing.

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Little Oscar, Brunswick East


The newest bad boys in town – Little Oscar and they’re doing korean influenced american burgers (what??!!) and have been opened for 2 months (still babies!) in Brunswick. We were greeted very warmly by the staff and was shown to our table. They had a lot going on with ropes being part of the decor which I thought was pretty cool. They also have a live DJ and music so you know this place will be pumping!

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FRANCE: La Tete A Toto, Paris

Miss Tour Guide and her hubby decided to take us out for some FRENCH food because you guessed it, we were in FRANCE! They took us to la tete a toto and the setting is a classroom in a school where the tables and chairs they used were what was used in a school (nerd alert!). It was super adorable as!!

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