Flovie Florist Cafe, Carlton

Flovie Florist Cafe is the new baby in Carlton, newly opened for 6 weeks and already there’s a queue on the outside. A place for brunch AND to buy flowers, it’s definitely a new concept in Melbourne and we’re loving it. It’s a very instagrammable cafe where it’s easily accessible, there’s a lot of pros to this place already. We arrived just before 10AM on a Sunday and got a table straight away because if we arrived even 5 minutes later, we would have been lining up outside.

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Seamstress, Melbourne


Work’s big boss was in town to visit and he wanted to have dinner with our team to get to know us better so guess who was in charge of finding a place? You got it! It was me! I looked through my wishlist and saw Seamstress. So I made a booking for a Wednesday night and headed on in.

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Siglo, Melbourne

Mr 3 cents (that’s what mumsy bear calls him…translated it to vietnamese because she couldn’t say his name…) and I thought it was time to catch up and he decided to take me on a romantic date at the cigar bar Siglo for wine, cheese and FOIE GRAS! There was no signage at the front, just a brown wooden door and we pushed through it and stumbled across the supper club which was classy and cozy. I was mesmerized and continued up the stairs and we hit Siglo. I was in utter awe, it was so amazing with the view of buildings and trees.

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