Italian Chef, South Yarra


South Yarra, the place where you go to shop, eat, drink and just wander around. Located smack bang in the heart of South Yarra lies a modern yet authentic Italian eatery that isn’t flash or in yo face. Italian Chef has been opened for approximately 3 years and it gets quite full so you’ll definitely need to make a booking if you want to try out this Italian eatery. We were welcomed in by the staff and was seated in the middle of the eatery. We got the drinkie which was quite popular and included negronii in a spritz and it was fresh and not too alcoholic tasting if you were not a fan of the good ol’ alcohol taste.

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Il Bacaro, Melbourne

Miss Spam’s birthday was approaching and how else do you celebrate your birthday, find a nice place for DINNER! She picked an Italian restaurant in Little Collins street – Il Bacaro. We got the 6PM session since it was booked out. Mr D, Mr Burberry and myself got there at the same time and Miss Spam and Miss Mori were already there. The interior was quite dark and the lights were so dim (turn up the lighting please guys!) and it had a lovely ambiance. We seated ourselves and the waiter handed us the menus to take a looksie. After skimming through, the waiter came back to take our order. There was olive oil on each table and look how cutie patootie it is!

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SA: Rigoni’s Bistro, Adelaide

Work trip again (wooohoo!) and I had to find somewhere to dine alone…I walked up and down and found this cute italian bistro called Rigoni’s Bistro and they have won many awards including best informal dining in SA . It looked so cute and welcoming so of course I walked in.

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