Aunty Franklee, Hawthorn

Aunty Franklee has been around for while and it’s known for its authentic Malaysian dishes. With two stores located in Hawthorn and Melbourne CBD, you know it’s good when they just keep popping up around Melbourne. The Hawthorn venue is located on the busy Burwood road and it is a tad difficult finding parking as they are all time limited. Pushing through the doors into the venue, you’re greeted by friendly staff and the delicious aroma of food cooking!

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Sardi Cafe, Hawthorn


I had my Linnie day which meant a catch up with Miss Asian Fusion with no sight of Mr D for the whole day. We did a little road trip (anything more then 30 minutes equates to a road trip in our books) and headed on down to a little cafe, further down from all the shops stood Sardi Cafe. Sardi Cafe has been opened for 2 years now and it’s quite a local gem.

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