Siglo, Melbourne

Mr 3 cents (that’s what mumsy bear calls him…translated it to vietnamese because she couldn’t say his name…) and I thought it was time to catch up and he decided to take me on a romantic date at the cigar bar Siglo for wine, cheese and FOIE GRAS! There was no signage at the front, just a brown wooden door and we pushed through it and stumbled across the supper club which was classy and cozy. I was mesmerized and continued up the stairs and we hit Siglo. I was in utter awe, it was so amazing with the view of buildings and trees.

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FRANCE: La Regelade, Jean Moulin (Paris)


Mr D’s fam  bam decided to take us to the Versaille, unfortunately there was a strike so we ended up turning the car around (took us ONE HOUR to get there….). Mr D’s fam bam decided to take us to a nice french restaurant for dinner so they called up and made a reservation and in we went. We were at La Regalade which is one of the many restaurants that Bruno Doucet has.

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FRANCE: La Tete A Toto, Paris

Miss Tour Guide and her hubby decided to take us out for some FRENCH food because you guessed it, we were in FRANCE! They took us to la tete a toto and the setting is a classroom in a school where the tables and chairs they used were what was used in a school (nerd alert!). It was super adorable as!!

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