Chez Olivier Le Bistro, South Yarra

Chez Olivier is a place which has been on my list and when I finally found an opportunity to go, I seized it and booked it without Mr D knowing (my bad!). Located in South Yarra on the busy road of Toorak road, there’s quite a lot of foot traffic and if you’re driving there’s free side parking if you can nab a spot.

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Riverview Cafe & Wine Bar, Warburton

A day out in Warburton to visit the Redwood Forest, we definitely had to stop by to check out the food scene. It was smack bang lunch time and everywhere on the main street was so busy. Luckily for us Riverview Cafe & Wine Bar had a table so we were going to get our tummies filled!

First up, the seafood chowder. The serving was very generous and was filled with clams and fish with pieces of parmesan and bacon. It was very filling and was quite salty which was disappointing.

Seafood Chowder

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Miznon, Melbourne

Miznon was born in Jerusalem and has opened many branches around the world including Paris, New York and now they’ve opened one up in Melbourne. Serving up Middle Eastern food locating in Hardware Lane, you know this place will be pumping. We got there super early (5:15PM on a Friday to be exact) and there were only a few tables that had customers but that didn’t deter us, we plopped ourselves down by the kitchen bar and the food started to come in.

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NSW: Chur Burger, Sydney Airport

Baby A has been raving on about Chur Burgers every time we visit him in QLD and when we transit in Sydney on our way home from Vietnam, we saw with our little eyes, a Chur Burger joint sitting by the side inside the airport. So of course, we rushed in to check out this amazing burgers that Baby A keeps talking about. 

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