Steer Dining Room, South Yarra

Steer Dining Room. Having visited before for my birthday, I definitely wanted to take Mr D for his birthday because he’s a massive steak fan. I made sure to make a reservation in advance because it does get super busy. Walking in, you’re greeted by friendly staff surrounded by a great ambiance. We were seated in the corner and BAM the staff will bring around the steak board where they show you the different types of steaks with various levels of marbling that you can choose for the night.

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Akachochin, South Wharf

The girlies at my old work place wanted to do a catch up and thanks to Miss Butterfree being quite financially savvy, she suggested Akachochin since Dimmi had a promotion of 50% off food. We made a booking and turned up on the night. However, once we were inside, no one was at the front to attend to us and we stood there for a good 10 minutes until a staff finally spotted us and showed us to our table. 

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Aussie Steak ‘n’ Burger, Docklands

My old work lunch gang wanted to do an outing and of course our outing involves FOOD! Mr Tequila chose Aussie Steak n Burger in Docklands since we had the Entertainment Book discount as well. Located near the pier, there were plenty of parking on the street on a weeknight after 6PM and of course it was FREE! We made a booking and when we got there, we were greeted by the friendly staff. We took our seats and began to look over the menu while our grumbling tummies sang to each other. 

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Persian Flavours, Forrest Hill

When Miss Chanel wanted to come back to Persian Flavours, who am I to deny her for an outing. So we booked the place at 6:30PM on a Tuesday night and boy, when we got there, the whole place was empty. Throughout the night people trickled in and a lot of customers came for the takeaway. Anywho, we were seated by the friendly staff and had a looksie through the menu.

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Curry Vault Indian Restaurant & Bar, Melbourne

The work guys wanted a catch up and since Mr Tequila has never tried Indian food before so of course we flipped through the Entertainment Book and found Curry Vault and made a booking via Dimmi. When we got inside we were shown to our seats. The interior wasn’t as lively or bright as I had remembered and needed a bit more vibrancy to it. Anywho, we got the menu and started ordering to our hearts content.

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Marmara Turkish Restaurant, Windsor

Dimmi have been having a lot of flash sales where certain restaurants have discounts such as 50% off food. The girlies at work decided to have a night out and took advantage of this and booked Marmara for some Turkish food. We made a booking at Marmara and when we arrived, we were treated wonderfully. We could definitely tell that we were going to be looked after well.

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Bangpop, South Wharf

Good ol’ Dimmi were having their flash deals where if you visit participating eateries you’d get 50% off food. So of course Ms Butterfree booked Bangpop because it’s been a place where she’d always wanted to visit AND we got 50% off the food bill. Made a booking via Dimmi and BAM we were in and we were eating.

We arrived and was seated and the staff were friendly but they weren’t all that attentive. We did have to wave them down a few times to get our order which was quite disappointing. Anywho, we ordered our dishes and waited for them to arrive so we can devour them. First up, the moo dad diew which was the air dried pork with sticky rice. We found this to be quite dry and needed a bit more seasoning.

Moo Dad Diew (one sun pork) – $9.90
Air dried pork with Sriracha cucumber and sticky rice

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Eleonore’s Restaurant at Chateau Yering, Yering

Mr D’s birthday means a celebration was in order and we didn’t want to go anyway too far so after a few googles, I decided on Eleonore’s Restaurant at Yering Chateau. Unfortunately, this restaurant is opened at night so we couldn’t enjoy the beautiful scenery that Yering had to offer (just means that we’ll just have to come back again!). Anywho, we made a booking on a Sunday night at 6:30PM and there weren’t a lot of people there. The decor is very old Victorian and it was a bit dull and dreary but had a lot of warmth. The staff were so friendly and showed us to our seat. 

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Burma Lane, Melbourne


Since the stooges haven’t been together for a while, this means we gotta re-unite and we all decided to check out another cuisine we haven’t tried – burmese food at Burma Lane. I made a booking for 3 on a Friday night at 6:30PM and the two stooges got there first and bagged our table. 

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