Dandenong Pavilion, Dandenong

Mr Italian Stallion decided to crash Miss Curly Fries and my date and suggested to hit up the famous secret burgers at Dandenong Pavilion (Yep, you’ve guessed it, it’s in DANDENONG!). It was spacious inside and you could either get a booth (SCORE!) or a table. Since it was only 3PM, it wasn’t busy at all.

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The Firehouse, Ringwood


Since it was a rainy, cold Melbourne sunday which also hailed, we decided to not take our chances and miss the Melbourne Open houses and have lunch instead. Mr D took me to The Firehouse and it was literally the old Metro Fire Station and turned it to an eatery (how cute is that???). We came through the back and was so confused to where we were suppose to go….Mr D found the right door…haha 

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