Bohemian Wine Bar & Restaurant, South Wharf

That time of year when everyone wants to catch up before the end of the year and I’m always up to try new food so Bohemian Wine bar was next! Located in South Wharf, it’s very accessible via public transport and there’s also a car park around the corner. The staff were super friendly and the service was quite quick as well. We got the pork and pistachio terraine and we found it to be a touch on the salty side.

Pork & Pistachio Terraine – $14
Quince paste, cornichons, crisp bread

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St. LuJa, St Kilda

Dimmi sometimes has amazing offers where some restaurants have 50% off the food menu and that’s such a great value if you want to try different restaurants. Since we were in St Kilda, we checked out St LuJa before we headed to our show. It’s a very cosy place which is a bar / restaurant and serves up a mean cocktail (well mocktails for us because it was a school night). The staff are super duper friendly and we were plonked right in front of the fireplace (talk about romance guys!). We did not waste any time at all and went on an ordering frenzy.

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Natural History Bar & Grill, Melbourne

If you love museums and steaks, the have I got a place for you. Natural History Bar & Grill, located on Collins Street serves heaps of dishes from the grill with an extensive and impressive bar. However, be ready for stuffed animals looking at you through the glass windows because yep, it’s like you’re at the Natural History Museum (well I’d assume so since I haven’t been yet but watching movies I’d say that’s pretty spot on!). Anywho, the atmosphere is very casual with very friendly staff so no need for any fancy pants here!

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Herd Bar & Cafe, Healesville

The Creative couple were in town and we decided to take them to Herd Bar & Cafe for lunch. We made a booking on a Sunday but it wasn’t really busy at all so we didn’t really need to make a booking. Nonetheless, we went inside and the staff were super duper friendly and the decor was just suave and very intimate. We were shown to our table and my gosh the options looked oh so delish.

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Double Happiness Bar, Melbourne

After dinner it was only 8PM so we decided to head over to a bar for some drinkies since we were still young and hip. One of the guys in the group suggested double happiness and of course we just pitter pattered into the bar. It was hidden away with the large double happiness sign in front in Chinese characters. Pushing the doors inside, we went in and was greeted with awesome sauce decor.

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Rice Queen Oriental Diner & Bar, Fitzroy

One of my friend’s were getting married and she wanted to celebrate by having a lovely dinner at Rice Queen. Rice Queen was also a bar and it was vibrant and loud! Yes, it was so loud that I could hardly hear the person next to me. Anywho, we sat down and we were all going to have the Banquet C which costs $44 per person. Since there was just so many food and it was a touch dark so excuse the poor quality of the photos.

The steam pork and prawn dumplings were flavoursome but the skin was a touch on the tough side and was a touch dry.

Steamed pork & prawn dumplings

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Tazio Birraria Pizzeria & Cucina, Melbourne

The girlies wanted a catch up to hear all of my Japan stories and I found out that Dimmi has amazing 50% offers at various restaurants and they change every week so I suggested we check out Tazio for some Italiano! I made a booking and BAM we turned up on the night and it was quite busy for a Wednesday night and a lot of people were here for after work drinkies. Stepping into the eatery, the staff were warm and friendly and I was already enjoying Tazio. Since all the food were 50% off, we were definitely going to go to town.

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Anglers Tavern, Maribyrnong

Angler’s Tavern is a pub located on the Maribrynong river in Melbourne’s West had a makeover and my work decided to have a function there (woohoo!). The big boss got the private room with the three course meal which was pretty¬†fancyyyy. The view was fantabulous (well, as fantabulous as the Maribyrnong could be) and the staff were awesomely friendly.

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Seoulja Boy, Melbourne

There’s a new eatery in town and it’s not for the fainted heart. If you love Korean food, hip hop and a place where you can just chill then you should definitely hit up the new and happening Seoulja Boy. They have just had their launch which had a live DJ, food and drinks pouring from the tap.

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