Little Byrd, Ascot Vale

On the busy street of Union Road in Ascot Vale sits a humble cafe with a relaxed atmosphere and interior design. Little Byrd doesn’t have a massive sign out front but you know which one it is with locals sitting outside and inside laughing with their cup of coffe/tea/juice/chocolate. I thought it’ll be a great daddy daughter day and showed daddy bear the ropes of a Melbourne brunch.

Daddy bear got the long macchiato and holy smokes it was good. It was strong, it was full bodied AND it definitely had a huge punch to it and I can guarantee you that it’ll knock you straight into next week.

Long Macchiato – $4

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MIA – Finally back from our honeymoon!

Howdy Foodlings,

There hasn’t been any blog posts lately because I just tied the knot (about goddamn time) and went off straight onto our honeymoon to Japan and Maldives. Since I’m back and everything has finally settled down, there will be Melbourne food reviews and some Japan food reviews too (miss all those ramens) coming your way. Stay tuned, be patient and enjoy the influx of food reviews.


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Finally a dot com but under construction!

Hey foodlings!

Welcome to my first post in the dot com website (woohoo). I have just migrated all my posts from and am trying to set up my new baby. However, due to my not so tech savvy skills, I’m still in the process of linking things up and figuring out where things go. Some things may not work but feel free to take a looksie and let me know what your thoughts are. Hopefully, I’ll get it up and running soon and can post more yummilicious reviews!

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