Komugi – Eastland Shopping Centre, Ringwood

Whilst going shopping at Eastland, we walked through the food court and lo and behold, a new bakery sits tucked away in the corner. I could not resist and stumbled in, finding out it is a Japanese bakery with Cheese tarts as one of their best sellers. Of course Mr D grumbled along but who could say no to baked goodies!

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Town Tea, Melbourne

When the triplets take you out for tea, they don’t half arse it all all. They promised me tea with cheese (what the??) and of course they delivered when they took us into Town Tea in Chinatown. With great decor and friendly staff, get ready for some cheesiness in your life.

Right to Left: Matcha cheese tea, Watermelon cheese, Lemon Lime Delight, Orange sunrise

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KOI Dessert Bar, Melbourne

If you have a sweet tooth then you’ll definitely know the name Reynold Poernomo who rose to fame from Masterchef. If you’ve always wanted to visit Koi in Sydney but didn’t want to travel, I’ve got good news for you. Reynold has opened a pop-up store at Hwkr food hall along with Chanteen by Diana Chan. So of course I made it a date to visit the pop up store because well, EVERYONE LOVES DESSERTS!!!

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Uncle Tetsu, Melbourne

Uncle Tetsu is a name you’ll hear when you go to Sydney, “Get Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecakes!”, “Have you been to Uncle Tetsu’s?”, “How good are the cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu’s?”. Well fellas, Uncle Tetsu has finally opened up a store in Melbourne with another one pending (two stores?? WOOHOO!) so Melburnians, you no longer have to fly up to Sydney for these jiggly cheesecakes. There’s generally a line outside but it takes no longer than 10 minutes since everyone knows what they’re getting anyway.

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Goldeluck’s Bakeshop, Croydon

Goldeluck’s Bakery has been popping up on social media like wildfire and since the girlies were down in Croydon, I decided to take them by the bakery to check it out. Walking in, we weren’t sure if we were in the right place since we were expecting a place filled with doughnuts from the bottom up. It was an ordinary bakery and saw the little sign on top so we definitely knew we were in the right place. 

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Daniel’s Donuts, Springvale

Ms Curly Fries kept going on and on about Daniel’s Donuts which were opened 24 hours and always have a massive queue no matter what time of the day or night you go. So when an opportunity to eat at Springvale came around, she quickly took us to Daniel’s Donuts. It’s located right next to Coles so you can even do your grocery shopping prior (I have no idea how that was relevant…anywho…). We got there at 9PM on a Monday night and damn, there was a massive line. The good thing is that the line goes really quick so you better know what you’re ordering.

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Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart QV Centre, Melbourne CBD

Hokkaido Baked cheese tarts have now arrived in Melbourne for quite a while now and yes, they’re a dessert except it’s a touch on the savoury side. The one at QV didn’t have a line so I went inside and got a few for everyone. At $3.90 a tart, it is a bit on the expensive side but that’s what you’d expect from a specialty store opening up in Melbourne. When you step inside, you can definitely smell the baked goodness and it smelt divine. A bite into these babies and you can taste the cheesiness and it just oozes right out. I’d prefer it to be a bit more fluffy but hey, that’s just what I’m into.

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Celebrate Valentines day with TGI Fridays monster spiked shakes

Happy Belated Valentines Day boys and girlies!

I hope you all got spoilt silly by loved ones or you did the spoiling because you’re a hopeless romantic. Well, for those who might have forgotten about Valentines Day and you want to redeem yourself, TGI Fridays is now teaming up with Bistro Morgan to create monster spike shakes.

There were two new shakes: Naughty and Nice. For the chocolate-y couple with a naughty side, this shake is a cocktail swirled with chocolate syrup, Malibu, Frangelico, Coconut cream, chopped pecans, coco powder, three scoops of vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate wafer tube, mini bounty bar and a Bistro Morgan Tim Tam doughnut.

For those angelic couples, the nice shake is a strawberry cocktail with Chambord, White Creme De Cacao, half alf cream & half milk, Brandy Snap, three scoops of vanilla ice cream, garnished with vanilla wafer tubes, shard brandy snap, a Bistro Morgan White Chocolate and Raspberry Doughnut topped with fresh raspberry and mint.

Right to Left: Nice and Naughty shakes


These shakes are for a limited time only for two weeks from Valentines Day until the 28th February 2017. So put your sweet tooth pants on and head on down to TGI Fridays with your special someone and indulge in these divine shakes.

Disclaimer: I was invited to taste the new spiked shakes by TGI Fridays and  and all opinions expressed are my own

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Pidapipo Gelateria, Carlton

I was with Mrs Creative and we were craving desserts. We were already in the city so I suggested Pidapipo since there’s always a line out front and it’s an ice-creamery which I have yet to tried. I turned the car towards Carlton, walked a block and finally reached the glowing neon sign which indicated that heaven was around the corner.

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