Dumplings Plus, Maribyrnong (Highpoint Shopping Centre)

Caught up with Mr Burberry for dinner at Dumplings Plus at Highpoint since we couldn’t figure out where to go. It was cheap, quick and the wait staff were friendly enough. We got a table for two and got ourselves so much food!! First up, steamed Shanghai Pork Dumplings (or as we all know…XIAO LONG BAOOOOO!!!). They were GINORMOUS!! It was juicy and quenched my xiao long bao thirst!

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Gami Chicken & Beer, Melbourne (Little Lonsdale Street)

We decided to go to Gami before our little Escape Room adventure because its happy hour somewhere in the world right now, it’s Beer o’clock! My friend booked for a table of 5 on a Saturday for 12:30PM and when I arrived, I was really surprised that it wasn’t packed at all. We were seated upstairs and surprise surprise, it was fully empty!


Upstairs Dining Area

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Menya Sandaime, Melbourne

So I’ve heard that there is a ramen place which is opened 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This sounded amazing! This means if I get hungry at 2AM, I can just head down and have ramen instead of the ol’ kebab or maccas. I dragged my friend here at 3PM on a Sunday arvo since I figured who’ll be eating at this time. The sign of the restaurant is in japanese and there’s no english at all except for the menus in the window.

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Bundoora Kebab, Bundoora

We were in the Bundoora area and it was 1:30pm and I was getting a little hangry which meant Mr D had to feed me immediately or else all hell breaks loose (yep, typical girls…). We decided to have kebabs and we walked in and the owners were gorgeous. They were so polite, lovely and so adorable. I decided to get the lamb kebab without any onions and with extra cheese for $9 and Mr D also got the lamb kebab in a combo which came with chips and a can of coke for $14. We got the coke from the fridge ourselves and sat down and they brought the food over – very quick service. 

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Quang Vinh, St Albans

This is one of the Vietnamese restaurant which I turn to when I want to catch up with the gang since it’s cheap, in the area and the quality of the food is pretty good. I decided to come here for lunch with my workmates and didn’t bother make a booking since I never really had to before. We arrived and got a table for 4 immediately. Menus were handed to us along with oolong tea (yep tea to wash away the oil AND to make my belly feel warm and fuzzy). We ordered and our food arrived. HOWEVER, our table didn’t have cutlery and upon telling the waiter, he just grabbed it from another table (how rude….wowzer…).

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Maney’s Dumplings, Bundoora

I’ve been here a couple of times courtesy of my cousin. She’d thought I’ll love this place because 1. I love christmas lights (they are on every single day throughout the year), 2. I love dumplings and 3. IT’S CHEAP! Yes she was right! I LOVE IT ALL. Also forgot to mention that the interior is PINK (woooo!).

So we went in at 7pm on a Wednesday night (we tried to come here on Tuesdays on two different occasions and forget that they don’t open on Tuesdays….yep, happened twice) and were immediately seated. We always get the usual two dishes, xiao long bao and thai fried rice and then we go rogue for the third dish.

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O’Town, Glen Waverly

We decided to duck into here for a quick dinner since we were all starving and cold on a Saturday night. Luckily we arrived when we did at 7pm because as soon as we were seated a huge rush of customers came in (like they all just teleported here all at once!). There was no service at all. We didn’t receive any menus and had to keep asking for it and finally they brought it around AND they gave us one less (I was the sacrifice and had to wait patiently).

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New Shanghai, Melbourne (Emporium)

I was craving for xiao long bao and my friend suggested New Shanghai at the Emporium. Since I haven’t been yet we decided to give it a go. Emporium, Melbourne’s new shopping centre with a gazillion shops and confusing escalators and layouts to lose your orientation, we finally found our dumpling spot (with the help of the electronic information stand thingy of course). At the front it had people making the dumplings so you could watch them (looks at them creepily hohoho).

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