Cucina & Co, Brighton

Located in Brighton sits a humble Italian bar called Cucina Bar for those who wants pre-drinkies before heading across the road to Cucina & Co for some food. Spacious with fantastic staff, it’s definitely a great place for after work drinkies.

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Billy and Lucy, Fitzroy

When you’re meeting up with a group and there’s someone that’s vegan, we thought we would cater to them and check out a vegan restaurant so they can pick whatever they want to eat. On Nicholson street sits a quiet vegan eatery called Billy and Lucy. Billy and Lucy, on the outside it looks old and humble but inside, it’s cosy with fireplaces and very welcoming. The staff are so friendly and so accommodating that you feel like you’re at home.

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The Fish & Burger Co, Doncaster East

The Fish & Burger Co located on the main road in Doncaster East has been opened for over 3 years serving delish burgers and had to undergo a renovation to expand the space. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that I’ll be checking this place out. There’s plenty of parking on the side streets so don’t stress there and the place does get pretty busy with the locals. Inside the decor is very Melbournian, brick walls half painted, murals of burgers and neon lights – who doesn’t love those?

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Bohemian Wine Bar & Restaurant, South Wharf

That time of year when everyone wants to catch up before the end of the year and I’m always up to try new food so Bohemian Wine bar was next! Located in South Wharf, it’s very accessible via public transport and there’s also a car park around the corner. The staff were super friendly and the service was quite quick as well. We got the pork and pistachio terraine and we found it to be a touch on the salty side.

Pork & Pistachio Terraine – $14
Quince paste, cornichons, crisp bread

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Hecho En Mexico, Fitzroy

The Creative Couple were craving Mexican food so we looked on Zomato and decided to check out Hecho En Mexcio in Fitzroy. Located on Brunswick St, it is super busy and it’s quite difficult to find free parking, they’re usually 1-2 hours free parking. Anywho, walking in we were greeted very warmly by the staff. We ordered our meals and chatted away.

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La Baia Bar Cucina, Albert Park

Located just opposite to the beach in a beautiful venue sits La Baia Bar Cucina, a new kid on the block that serves Italian cuisine. Friday nights are live jazz nights BUT we were luckily enough to go on a Saturday night which had a once off jazz night due to the restaurant having a full house. SCORE! There’s quite a bit of parking on the street so you don’t have to fret about parking. Entering the venue, the staff were very warm, welcoming and very professional and led us to our table to start our night.

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A25 Pizzeria – Lonsdale St, Melbourne

A25 Pizzeria have been around and they’ve opened up a few more stores around Melbourne and guess what? With their new menu, they’re catering for vegans now. A25 Pizzeria is located on the corner of Hardware Lane and Lonsdale Street and it’s a cool jazzy looking place. We walked in and was welcomed instantly and we knew that this was going to be a good night.

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Arco Restaurant, Dandenong South

Since I’ve started work at Dandenong South I’ve been hearing about Arco for a nice place to check out for lunch / dinner. So you can imagine my excitement when we were going to have a work lunch there! Inside it was pretty fancyyyy for an industrial area in the ‘burbs and the staff were super duper friendly. So we all rattled our order to the staff and waited for the food.

Now, I’m all for food coming out together BUT a 40 minute wait for our food to come out when it wasn’t super busy was unacceptable. I tried to brush that aside and tried to enjoy my calamari salad. Unfortunately, it was super salty and quite oily and I was quite disappointed. The salad? It was just rocket and cabbage.

Calamari Salad (entree)

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Riverview Cafe & Wine Bar, Warburton

A day out in Warburton to visit the Redwood Forest, we definitely had to stop by to check out the food scene. It was smack bang lunch time and everywhere on the main street was so busy. Luckily for us Riverview Cafe & Wine Bar had a table so we were going to get our tummies filled!

First up, the seafood chowder. The serving was very generous and was filled with clams and fish with pieces of parmesan and bacon. It was very filling and was quite salty which was disappointing.

Seafood Chowder

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