Komugi – Eastland Shopping Centre, Ringwood

Whilst going shopping at Eastland, we walked through the food court and lo and behold, a new bakery sits tucked away in the corner. I could not resist and stumbled in, finding out it is a Japanese bakery with Cheese tarts as one of their best sellers. Of course Mr D grumbled along but who could say no to baked goodies!

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Town Tea, Melbourne

When the triplets take you out for tea, they don’t half arse it all all. They promised me tea with cheese (what the??) and of course they delivered when they took us into Town Tea in Chinatown. With great decor and friendly staff, get ready for some cheesiness in your life.

Right to Left: Matcha cheese tea, Watermelon cheese, Lemon Lime Delight, Orange sunrise

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Chanteen, Melbourne

If you’re a Masterchef fan then you will definitely know the winner Diana Chan in the Masterchef 2017. She has just opened a pop up restaurant called Chanteen at Hwkr food centre inspired by Malaysia and Singapore. The pop up store will be around for 6 months and the masterchef winner herself cooks the food and will come around to say hey!

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Goldeluck’s Bakeshop, Croydon

Goldeluck’s Bakery has been popping up on social media like wildfire and since the girlies were down in Croydon, I decided to take them by the bakery to check it out. Walking in, we weren’t sure if we were in the right place since we were expecting a place filled with doughnuts from the bottom up. It was an ordinary bakery and saw the little sign on top so we definitely knew we were in the right place. 

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Saravanaa Bhavan, Melbourne CBD

The stooges caught up again and this time we wanted to do vegetarian and since we all loved Indian food, someone recommended Saravanaa Bhavan which is a vegetarian chain from India with many chains opened around the world. I got there first and sat down and waited for the other two stooges to turn up.

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Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart QV Centre, Melbourne CBD

Hokkaido Baked cheese tarts have now arrived in Melbourne for quite a while now and yes, they’re a dessert except it’s a touch on the savoury side. The one at QV didn’t have a line so I went inside and got a few for everyone. At $3.90 a tart, it is a bit on the expensive side but that’s what you’d expect from a specialty store opening up in Melbourne. When you step inside, you can definitely smell the baked goodness and it smelt divine. A bite into these babies and you can taste the cheesiness and it just oozes right out. I’d prefer it to be a bit more fluffy but hey, that’s just what I’m into.

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Springvale Bread & Cake 2, Springvale

Vietnamese breadrolls A.K.A Banh mi is the bomb and I absolutely adore them. Whenever I’m in St Albans, Footscray or Springvale, that’s my go to snack/lunch depending on what time of day it is. What I look for is the crunchiness of the bread on the outside and on the inside has to be warm and fluffy like clouds. The meats, well the meats have to be full of flavour and yes, it needs to be a generous amount as well. So, walking through Springvale and stopped at Springvale Bread & Cake 2.

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NeNe Chicken, Maribyrnong (Highpoint Shopping Centre)

Regular Original (5pc) – $10.95


Mrs Creative had a trial for a job and suggested NeNe chicken for some fried fingerlickin’ chicken for dinner. NeNe chicken is located in the new food court on Level 1 at Highpoint and has been opened for quite a while now. It was a touch busy and we were baffled with the choice. We decided to get the regular original pieces because hey, who could beat original anything. It came with complimentary coleslaw and radish. 

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