Mad Ram Cafe, Croydon

Since becoming a local in the outer eastern suburbs, I have been slack on checking out the local brunch places. So when the girlies came down for a hike and needed to refuel, I suggested Mad Ram Cafe since I’ve been seeing good things on the good ol’ instagram. Located in a strip of shops, there’s plenty of parking so don’t fret.

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Piggery Cafe, Sherbrooke

I’m a huge fan of Shannon Bennett so Piggery Cafe has always been on my list for a while. Finally having a chance to go on a hike with Ms Traveller, I suggested Piggery Cafe to refuel. Oh just an FYI, we couldn’t get reception up here so download your maps offline in case your GPS cuts off like ours did (we managed to find our way though). Anywho, there’s ample parking spots and we arrived on a chilly Sunday morning and as you reach the cafe, there’s a map to show whats around (we tried looking for the emus but they must be on vacay now). There are piggies here so definitely go say hey to them! Finally reaching the cafe, we found a huge queue. Since we opted for either inside or outside so we could get food in our bellies quicker and that definitely paid off. Within 5 minutes, we got a table outside next to the heater (SCORE!).

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Auction Rooms (Take 2), North Melbourne

Auction Rooms has been around for yonks and it’s got a pretty well known reputation for it’s brunch and coffees. So I went and took mumsy bear and daddy bear for some brunching. It was mother’s day so it was super duper busy but we got there real early and only had to wait 20 mins before we got a seat. If you come by on a Sunday, there’s ample of free parking so even though you can’t get there easily by public transport, you don’t have to stress about parking. Anywho, once we got to our table, I got the barista breakfast for the parentals because they wanted to try a mixture of coffees and that included a short black, flat white and filtered coffee. We loved every single one and it was great value.

Barista Breakfast – $10
Shorty, flat white & filter

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Immerse Winery, Dixons Creek

Aaah the Yarra Valley, who doesn’t love it? Beautiful wines and vineyard, beautiful trees and scenery and most importantly, beautiful food. Immerse Winery is located in Dixons Creek (practically in Yarra Valley) with beautiful surroundings and a beautiful rustic venue to match. With ample parking spots, there’s definitely a spot for everyone.

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V Series, Kew

Mr & Mrs Tequila were slowly becoming vegan and wanted to catch up over vegan food at V Series located in Kew. This is located right next to a car park so there were plenty of parking. We made a booking for 6:30PM but arrived super early and there wasn’t anyone there yet so we got in, sat down and started ordering.¬†

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North & Eight, Aberfeldie

Melbourne and brunch, the two words that goes hand in hand and of course,¬†Aberfeldie joined the party with a new cafe North & Eight. North & Eight sits on one of the main road but there’s many parking around so you definitely do not need to worry about that. Anywho, walking inside the venue, the interior was sleek and welcoming. The staff are super friendly and will make you feel welcome.

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Krimper Cafe, Melbourne

A catch up to organise our next holiday means brunching in the city on a Saturday morning! We initially wanted to go to Bricklane but due to it’s long queue, we opted for Krimper since Mr Burberry has already been and it wasn’t going to take 30 mins to get in and it was literally 2 secs further down the alleyway. It was oh so roomy inside and the staff were very polite when showing us our table.¬†

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Workshop Charisma, Melbourne

Charisma Workshop has opened up near A’beckett street in the CBD, past construction work and tucked away in an alleyway. There’s a few tables inside the cafe but if you do come in a huge group (perhaps >4), it will be a touch difficult to find a spot. Anywho, Charisma Workshop is run by the Ko family where Jonathon Ko combines his passion and expertise in patisseries and coffees and shares it with the world. Walking in, you’ll be greeted very warmly by the staff and you will definitely be hit in the face with the smell of coffee!

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